The client is a web site provider for coupons available at local businesses throughout United States. The objective was to develop an app for iPhone/Android  where the bargain hunters can access the latest deals, select and activate multiple coupons and use the coupons for any location in United States.

After downloading and installing the app in the iPhone anyone may register as a user giving the location and address details.

You have the veritable catalog of all the local businesses at your finger tips, arranged under the respective categories such as Automobiles or Chinese restaurants or Hair & Beauty products etc. Alphabetical Index and Search feature enable you to quickly find the business you are searching for and further, the deals/coupons offered by them, if any.

Although the deals available in the immediate vicinity and state are displayed by default, the user can also select a different state and browse through the coupons and deals available in the local businesses there.

For each category, all the available coupons are listed. The coupons available are indicated for each of the businesses and the details of each coupon can be viewed. [gallery link="file"] You can look into all the coupons and activate the ones you want. There are two types of coupons; from the server activated via barcode and from Local Offer Network Server activated via website link. For coupons in LON server, the users will be redirected to the corresponding website where the coupon is located and they can view the details and activate the coupon.There after, you can access the selected coupons in your own personal list – tracking them and deleting them if required. All the latest deals made available on the website are also immediately available in the app as long as automatic synching can happen (online)



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