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The traditional fine dining experience will now also combine the chic sophistication and efficiency of modern technology. Rather than riffle through the pages of your extensive wine list , the patrons of your restaurant can now study and choose their wines from a real time, electronic wine list on an iPad.

Just as in the paper wine list, the Vinmenu e-wine list will allow your patron to search for wines of a specific type, country, district etc but all this will be possible without turning a single page.

Your wine list will be maintained in a web hosted solution accessible through any browser when online. The wine list content will be sync-ed with the app running on multiple iPads and so any change made in the wine list is easily and immediately reflected in the wine list provided to the patrons.

Here are the features of Vinmenu:

At every point of time the sommelier can be confident that he is handing over the latest wine list for the patron to choose.

The patron can arrive at a choice by searching for specific attributes and narrowing down the search using multiple filters simultaneously. For example, search by wine type, country, district etc.

As search criteria are entered, the wines satisfying the criteria are listed with the details such as Year, Name, Volume/Quantity and Price displayed for each wine. More detailed information of a specific wine will also be displayed, if required by the patron.

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Multiple items may be selected and ordered. After processing the order the sommelier can refresh the menu in the iPad with a single click and give the device to the next patron.

The look and feel of the app very much gives the impression of a paper list, right down to the screen’s layout style and format.

Wine Master List management

A content management system is provided in a hosted website to manage the wine list as well as the list of all employees who will be using the app to take orders from patrons.

The solution is designed in such a way as to enable the use of a single instance across multiple restaurants.

While the super administrator does the initial set up and adds the restaurants, each of the restaurant administrators manages the user accounts for the sommeliers /wine waiters, the master lists for wine types, countries, districts etc and finally creates and manages the wine list for the specific restaurant. The users have the privilege to update the wine lists whenever required.

Bulk upload of the complete wine list of the restaurant ( in XLS format) is enabled so that the master lists as well as the wine details are added to the CMS with a single click.

At the following link, you can log into a demo CMS and experience the features first hand. Here are the demo access details: Super administrator: Email ID – [email protected] Password – vinmenu123 Restaurant Administrator: Email ID – [email protected] Password – vinmenu123 Wine Waiter (user): Email ID – [email protected] Password – vinmenu123

The app can be downloaded from here :-



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