The Barrels iPad App gives an entirely new dimension to the world of Wine Barrel Sales. Now the Wine Barrel sales person can just relax and trust the iPad to pull up every quote data needed within a touch of the finger tip. The App is designed for sales persons for creating and storing quotes on different types of wine barrels that will be sold to their customers, i.e. the beverage companies.

The app enables sales persons to specify the blend and retrieve the pricing. Each blend is decided by the values for oak wood Composition, Grain, Age, Heads, Head toasting, Bending, Toasting. Based on these values, the final flavor profile is automatically calculated and displayed in graphical format.  The App generates the scaled image displaying code information of the specific blend as it appears on the barrel head for laser branding.

The sales person has the option to generate custom design of the flavor profile and pricing for specific characteristics based on the customer requests. The quotes as well as the barrel head images can then be saved to the app and are available in PDF format which can be emailed to the winery customers from the app. There is the option to search for quotes and customers and the feature to edit and delete quotes.

The app has a backend CMS where the Barrel Design Company Admin will be able to manage every sales persons’ user account. The entire sales force has the privilege to access  data needed from their own devices thus being relieved of some major worries like the accuracy of data provided to the customer. All in one single app, but making a very big difference

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