Mandy Time Assistant helps you manage your time better and gain a realistic perspective on how your time is being spent. The app enables its user to track the time spent on all the user activities during a day. The saved details over a long period of time are summarized and can be graphically presented for easy analysis. The data and charts for selected time can also be sent to specific email id.

The user can type in any number of tasks and track them, one at a time. While in a task, if for some reason the user is expected to divert, the task can be “interrupted” by simply pressing and holding down the current task or shaking the device. Once the user is ready to resume the tracking of the interrupted task can be activated. A task may also be paused and a new task taken up. In all these situations, the Time Assistant tracks the time spent on each of the tasks.

A very useful feature is the reminder which can be set to give alert after a user defined fixed time interval. The preferred mode of alert can also be set by the user. This reminder ensures that the user remembers to start/stop the tracking of different tasks during the day. The reminder requests the user to confirm that currently the last entered task is in progress. If not, the user can enter the correct task.

The task lists – detailed and summary views – enable users to grasp the relevant tracking info at a glance. The tasks tracked on the current day are always on display in the Home page.

Reports on the tracked tasks are available for selected dates and date ranges. The user has the choice of daily, weekly and monthly reports. Alongside the detailed task lists, the tracked time is also plotted to present a graphical analysis of the time spent. These reports can be sent as spreadsheet/image file attachments to any user defined email ids.

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