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This iPad app was designed to accept spreadsheets with extensive data in pre-defined format, and present the data in highly polished, visually striking representations, with just a few taps.

Such a tool will be highly valuable in the fields of research involving statistical information, for example, in extensive trials and surveillance involving a huge amount of comparable data, where even as a study progresses, data sets can be replaced and added to. It is ideal for use in kiosks at conferences and similar large gatherings, where any interested user can generate and view meaningful analyses reports for selected reporting criteria. Even a complete outsider, who is not involved in the research, can understand the trends and patterns of underlying data with the help of the graphic visualization features.

Solve iPad Project

This project was undertaken for a pharmaceutical manufacturer and world leader in diabetes treatment and cure-focused research.

Here are the salient aspects of the project:

    The data sets were the analyses results from an extensive observational study that was conducted by our client in North America, Europe and Asia, involving around 10 countries. The study was to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a drug and involved thousands of patients and a huge amount of data. The app was to compare data based on pre-defined comparison factors and around 2420 possible report outcomes were planned for, based on the potential and available data set combinations. The data set, imported in XLS format, included such details as the mean values of patients’ disposition & demographics (including age, gender, weight, BMI, etc), dose, hypoglycemic events, Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) etc for the entire sample of the study. Similar data could be fed for multiple countries as and when required.  A comparison study could then be made between a country and the global cohort or with another country which is in the study. Reports could be generated for search criteria - Baseline, safety, HbA1c baseline sub population, BMI subpopulation or elderly sub population Some examples of the search parameters provided – Mean HbA1c, Mean FBG, Mean weight results, Minor hypo events, and Total daily insulin dose Data analyses results and comparison could be viewed in both tabular and graphical formats.
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