bmi Body Mass Index or BMI has long been a popular statistical measure used by health & fitness professionals to classify underweight, overweight & obesity. This is the easiest way for the health conscious layman to figure out their healthy weight and work towards attaining as well as maintaining it.

The BMI calculator app is a tool for tracking the Body Mass Index (BMI) based on the user’s height and weight. The app provides options for setting the targets for gaining or losing the body weight. The body weight progress, tracked against the target, can be easily understood through automatically generated graphical presentations - charts and gauges.

The user can set up a profile by entering the profile name, weight in kilogram/pound/stone, height in meter/inch/foot. They can further enter a target date and target weight. The BMI log displays the weights of each date corresponding to the months as entered by the user.

Based on these recordings, the app plots the weights to depict the progress in line chart format. The user can also view the BMI chart for the current height and weight indicated on a gauge that is color coded for the various weight statuses - severely underweight, underweight, normal, overweight, obese, and severely obese. There is the option for the user to reset plans as well as to reset targets.

Thus the app enables its user to properly monitor their weight, maintain their ideal BMI and reduce health related risks - for free !!

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