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NN Patient Game

The client required an interactive branching narrative game to be made available on iPad (wi-fi) for use by a few hundred attendees at a conference. The game would require the players to study a simulated patient case scenario – vitals, test results and diagnosis and plan treatment for the patient. The treatment steps were captured in a quiz format – a series of questions linked to one another based on the answer option chosen at each level of the quiz.

The details as each player proceeds through the game were to be fed into a local server and certain measures calculated based on pre-defined formulae as applied to the answer options selected during the game. The moderator in charge of the server should be able to view the measure values real-time, and also display the same on a big screen to all the participants.

The app was developed as a simulated patient “story game” for the iPad. The answer chosen at each level determined the next question to be answered for any game path. All the questions, their answer options, the various other data display and the orders of display were captured on spreadsheets. This data was converted to CSV format and thereafter to XML. When the app was launched for the first time on a device the data would be loaded from the XML and database created in the app. The questions, answer options, and other panel data would then onward be read from the database.

The answers selected by the players at each game level were pushed into a back-end server, also on the wi-fi network. In the back end application, the specific questions and answers to be counted towards each measure calculation were tagged, and count maintained as the game progressed. Required statistical values were calculated and displayed real-time on an HTML page.

Technology Used: The app was developed for iPad 2 (iOS 4+) Backend application was developed in PHP

Benefits: The app runs simultaneously on approximately 400 devices. As the game progressed the moderator could access the treatment plans/preferences of each of the players during different treatment stages as well as the consolidated numbers which showed what the majority of physicians prescribed for the patient. The game focuses mainly on getting information on the effective treatments recommended by majority of physicians, for each scenario.

The code could be reused with minor changes and new data (replaced in the database) for similar games which follow a multilevel tree hierarchy structure .

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