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AGENDAPP™ for iPhone, Android & BlackBerry is a professional conference and event application, which offers you and your company the opportunity to inform and update your participants before, during and after your conference, event, seminar, summit and meeting.

AGENDAPP™ gives you the opportunity to use one application for an unlimited number of sessions with customised content, expression, design and profile. All participants have now one application for all sessions rather than many applications for single sessions. [gallery exclude="6804, 6805, 6884, 6901" link="file" columns="4"] New sessions are created and maintained through the heart of the AGENDAPP™, the AGENDAPP™ web based CMS system. Here, you have the complete overview of all your activities, sessions, contents, features and users, available for creating, changing or deleting information in the AGENDAPP™, 24/7/365. Decide for yourself, which features you need for your session. AGENDAPP™ CMS lets you drag-and-drop features in and out of the AGENDAPP™ in order to give you just what you need. In the CMS, you can add and manage any number of dashboard items such as Sessions, News, information content, Media, Materials, Participants etc. These are the main menu items provided to the app users and even the icon image to be displayed on the app can be set in CMS. For each of these dashboard items, multiple instances can be created for updating the app users about the event details. Information content - In the Information list, you can post anything that has relevance to your session. You can inform your participants about everything, from how to book a taxi, the lunch menu, accommodation, currency rates, info center, history and backgrounds and much more. News - In the News list, you can post news of every kind – before, during and after your session. Changes to the days’ agenda, re-allocation of facilities or cancellations of presentations or lectures can be pushed as a news item to AGENDAPP™. Materials - This includes information & material in the form of power point presentations, documents, etc received by conference participants through e-mail, brochures and memos. Also, presentation materials are often handed out to support and elaborate on the lecture presentation. Participants - The Participant list shows all the enrolled participants. Image, name, company and title are some of the information that the participants can read about, in order to start networking. The Participant list can also be searched. Feedback - Ask about any subject or any question and let your participant give you feedback and ratings. Request your participants view on the quality and performance of presentations, lectures or events, the food, the facilities, the infrastructure. When your participants start to rate your subjects or questions, the AGENDAPP™ CMS collects and structure the answers provided. This gives you value added information from the visitors that actually decide on the success of your session. For every event unlimited sessions can be created and published. iOS push notifications keep your participants instantly updated with the latest changes. Technologies Used Programming Layer: PHP Yii framework Database: My SQL Agenda App The Agenda app for BlackBerry can be downloaded at: BlackBerry logo



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