BI-Dash BI-Dashboards App is designed as a data visualization and analysis tool to aggregate business data into one reporting tool made available through iPhone, iTouch, or iPad device. The App provides a service that can be installed on users’ server to provide distribution of KPIs, drilldown charts and analytics to authorized users. The purpose is to give instant availability of reports to the users thereby guiding them in making prompt business decisions. The app features integration into any SQL driven systems such as ERP systems like Infor Syteline, Operational, Production, Sales databases etc. The solution can also work stand alone. The report designer can be configured to provide industry specific solutions to the users. FEATURES:  Interactive Data views – The reports can be viewed as interactive pie charts, line graphs, geospatial views, data views, KPIs, sparkline lists and uses multiple custom views with drill downs.  Security - Only authorized users will be able to view the reports. The App can be configured to use the existing security model of the systems as well.  Data Access - BI Mobile Designer tool can be connected to data sources to create reports that can be distributed to users.  Sharing - The data sources can be shared with other users using the Share feature in the App. As an added security measure only after administrator approval only, other devices will be able to access the shared link. [gallery columns="4" ids="6869,6870,6871,6872"] The app can be downloaded from here - BI Dashboards App



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