Our client was in search of an application which would compare versions of a document, highlight the changes and enable sharing of the tracked docs as email attachments, all of this from a mobile device.

The app was intended for use mostly by members of the legal profession who would be handling lengthy documents for which updates, versioning and proof reading are critical tasks. No such reliable app was then available in the market.

An app was designed and developed for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch,  to suit the described requirements. Documents each up to 500 pages in length and of formats .doc and .docx can be compared using the app. After comparison a summary section would list the count of different types of updates – insertions, deletions, moved etc. The base document is then displayed with all the changes highlighted. The different types of changes are indicated by distinct color coding (the legend is displayed).

A comprehensive document file management is provided in the app to manage details of past comparisons. Results are preserved along with the details of the compared documents in each case. Further, the documents with the changes tracked can be emailed as w ell.

This app is a boon for professionals who are in jobs/domains requiring extensive documentation.

[gallery link="file" columns="4" exclude="6995, 7003"] The app can be downloaded from here - App_Store_Badge



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