Yet another app has been successfully submitted to the App Store in the Health & Fitness  Category. WatchMinder is a personal assistant in everyday health and wellness activities  for self-monitoring and behavior modification. In particular, this app is a blessing for children and adults with Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and related disorders.

The mobile App uses the same unique training mode that is an integral part of the WatchMinder vibrating wristwatch invented by Laurence D. Becker. The wrist watch is intended for users with AD/HD, LD or Autism but is also quite useful for Medication reminder, Behavior modification, general self monitoring and everyday life and wellness. The mobile app is also developed for the same purpose, and has turned out to be immensely helpful to its users.

The mobile app is designed for iOS devices and has many useful, intuitive features. In the mobile app, the user can create a message (for e.g. "Relax"), select a fixed or random interval (every 15 minutes before 9am and 5pm) and choose an alert mode like an audible beep or just a discreet vibration. User can program two messages at a time at either fixed or random intervals throughout the day in the mobile app. The messages can be ‘Pay Attention’, ‘Relax’ etc. The app will alert the user at these set intervals.

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The purpose of the app is to bring about improvement in the behavioral patterns of the users and have successfully made a positive impact on them. With its simple interface and features, this application has turned out to be a life changer in so many ways.

The app is available at:




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