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lunar-bible-app-banner A King James Version of the Bible landed on the lunar surface in January 1971. This Lunar microfilm Bible, which travelled to the moon on Apollo 14, was acquired by Museum of the Bible (MOTB)in 2011[1]. The MOTB, a nonprofit organization, manages the world's largest private collection of rare biblical texts and artifacts, called The Green Collection. MOTB makes this collection available to all via the traveling exhibition, ‘Passages’ and also in the Bible Museum at  Washington D.C[1] . MOTB wished to develop an App to be directly installed on an iPad that will be housed in a custom-made kiosk in the Bible Museum, allowing patrons of the Passages exhibition to better view and explore the Lunar Bible. The Lunar Bible is a piece of microfilm, with the text of 1,245 pages reduced to a mere 1.5 inches square size. The entire Bible text is printed on the microform and is mounted in the middle of a gold pendent. Needless to say, the text is not distinguishable with the human eye. The core image for the zooming feature was of significant size; about 500+ Megabytes. The image resolution was in the range of 100 megapixels. The visitors should be able to be able to zoom into and pan on this image and read the text, hence the size of the image. The major challenge faced by Cabot was to incorporate this large size image into the app bypassing memory constraints and make the high quality zoom feature function perfectly. Cabot has successfully developed the iPad App which is now displayed in the backdrop of an impressive entourage of the lunar mission, in the Bible Museum. The App has Help, Bookmarks and About features in addition to the read feature. Help offers detailed guidance to visitors on how to use the app. About provides more information on the Lunar Bible. Bookmarks feature allows ease of navigation to the visitors. There are 66 bookmarks - one for each book located on the Microform. The bookmarks, when tapped, will reset the main viewing area to a specific location and the zoom level within the main image. Every day, thousands of visitors are enthralled to touch and browse through the app of the Bible that landed on the surface of the moon. A truly giant leap for Cabot - technology and faith, going hand in hand. The first ever iPad App for the first ever bible on the moon.. Reference: 1. [gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="7294,7272,7277,7275,7307,7306"]



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