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With the release of iOS 7, the worlds favorite mobile operating system receives a complete overhaul in the hands of its new SVP Jony Ive and team.The UI  itself is a serious bit of transformation from the previous  design styles. Skeuomorphic has become a memory now with iOS 7 ; the design is much flatter and more colorful. Whether its  festive or offensive to the eye will be largely subjective.Apart from the UI dismantling , Apple has focused on reinventing many of its core features, adding many well thought out functionality to its OS; those which we  try to summarize as below:


– Masterful multitasking is the new motto and that too without draining the precious phone battery any more. iOS 7 'learns' the users preferences, favorite apps and update them accordingly with background downloads when the device is power efficient or connected to WiFi. Users can quickly shuffle through the screens of recent apps they used  instead of just the app icons by a double tap on the Home button. And to exit an app? just swipe it up. Just like that!


– Yet another feature that makes iOS7 awesome – the improved Camera app. The camera app brings out the artist in you with the many photo filter options. In addition to this, there are shooting formats like still, video, panorama and square. Also the videos can be shot at 60 frames per second and users can zoom in while filming videos. Seriously cool.


Photos and Photo Sharing

– Now with iOS 7, photos can be organized in to groups like Collections, Moments and Years. iCloud photo sharing allows to share the photo stream with multiple users automatically.

Control Center

– Cruising through the control center has now become much quicker and easier. Access to settings of Airplane, WiFi, Screen brightness, Camera, Calculator etc are now just a swipe away. To make things even more brighter, there is a new built in Flash Light too.

Notification Center

– Now, with the all new notification center there is no more worries about a sunny day, rainy day, ever elusive birthdays, to-dos – all you need today is just a quick glance at your notification center. Ofcourse it will show you the missed calls and new mails too. Notifications sync across all devices and when a notification is dismissed from one, it is automatically dismissed from other devices as well.


– Sassy Siri now looks better, talks better, listens better and answer the questions better. Pulling up data from resources like Wiki, Bing, Twitter etc, ask away and Siri will have all the right answers. Apart from all this , Siri returns calls, plays back voice mails, turns on/off bluetooth etc.


Lost iPhone ?

– There is this one feature that the iPhone users will hope they don't have to use ever. With Find My iPhone in iOS7, users will find it easier to reunite with their misplaced phones and thieves will now find it harder to steal and sell the phones. Apple ID password is required to reactivate a remotely erased phone and also the continuous display of call me on the lock screen can be nagging to the thieves. Find My iPhone in iOS7 tries to make the Apple devices  like impregnable fortresses.


– Share to one, share to many, share secure. No more tedious set ups. Just tap share and share everything you would love to share, with Airdrop.



– Safari gets smarter with a few many additions of intuitive new features. Now scrolling through multiple tabs gets easier with a the new 3D tab switching option. Safari gives auto generated passwords as well as automatically enters the passwords or credit card numbers stored in the iCloud. Also with new reading list and shared URLs, Safari has never been better.


iTunes Radio


iTunes radio is made to tailor to the music interests and choices of its users. When iTunes Radio goes hand in hand with iTunes store to create music wishlist and purchase tracks you love, it just becomes irresistible.


Inter App Audio – Different apps on the same device can share audio streams so as to create beautiful music together.



– FaceTime with a dedicated app in iOS 7 allows to make audio calls to some one using their Apple ID or email address, with out a phone number. A serious worry to all the Chat/Messenger apps out there.Integration of Flickr and Vimeo to the OS , scan QR codes to put cards into Passbook, permanently blocking calls and messages user doesn’t want to receive, parallax wallpapers, improved Maps , a new Back gesture, improved Mail , Calendar and Weather apps all adds useful bells and whistles to the new iOS 7.For the enthusiastic iOS developers, iOS 7 offers exciting new features to explore their skills.

Below list is a few of them.


Peer-to-Peer Connectivity

– Without internet connectivity , nearby devices can be discovered and  direct communication can be started using this new API.

Game controllers

– iOS developers can now add optional hardware controllers to the OS via Bluetooth or directly connecting the hardware to the device.


–  Adding more flexibility to port apps to multiple mobile OS platforms, iOS 7 allows to wrap java Script objects to its code Objective C.

Font size  


Now the users can control the font that all apps in the device should use with a new feature in the iOS 7 SDK.


It was the update to their celebrated OS that the users, business and developers were waiting for some time and all in all it has been justified that their wait was not in vain. 






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