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In today’s busy world where all are overwhelmed with work and stress, some time management tips can make your life easier and much happier! Here are 8 steps which can help you manage time and one of them is a great app from the Cabot team!: Set up goals! Imagine yourself as tourist visiting a new city, he must have a clear idea of where to go and which route has to be taken and if he needs to travel by train or bus. Like this tourist you must know your goals, i.e. where to reach. So prepare yourself with a list of goals that must be accomplished. List down all the tasks; from mundane to critical. It is best to use a subject in your list rather than a verb. Plan actions to achieve the goal! Let’s go back to our tourist, before his travel he will get hold of a map, some food and other commodities which will help him in his travel. He may make a plan how to get to a far distant place by planning it in detail. When one have goal to accomplish, one should think about how to achieve it and have an action plan! Plan and priorities your goals. Assign realistic priorities to your goals and approximate time for its completion. Attempt difficult goals first The difficult goal which gives you a heart drubbing thought at its first sight should be attempted first. The less priority and smaller tasks can be postponed. A question can arise in your mind why should I do the most difficult ones first? It is easier to do the small tasks first and move to a more difficult ones; I can strike off the tasks from my lists fast. A better explanation for this question can be shown with an exercise of filling a bottle with some balls of different sizes. You cannot fill the bottle if you start filling it with the small balls and then trying to fill big balls. But, if it is vice-versa you can fill more balls in the same bottle. Don t believe me? Try it out yourself! The bigger balls are the big tasks and the smaller ones are the mundane tasks. Take breaks to refresh. It is important to refresh your mind. 5-10-15 minutes of break can make a huge difference! Know your prime time. For some they are most productive in the morning and for some its evenings. Know your prime time and focus at the most productive time of the day! Keep track of the performance. After the goals are accomplished, write down the time which you took to do the task. It will give you an idea if you are overestimating or underestimating. When you plan next time, this will help you review and help to guess a more approximate time for a task. Review the work and see how you could have done more effectively. 8.  Reassess the list of actions again. As the day processes new tasks will be added to your list and the older ones may fall down the priority. Be dynamic and be ready to reorder it. There are many apps which will help you do this. One such app developed by Cabot Technology Solutions called Mandy Time Assistant iPhone App which not only allows one to do all these things but also summarize and evaluate your performance. If you have some crazy ideas and looking for a team to give life to it, we are there at your service!   References



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