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Following the success of its several mobile apps in various aspects of Human resource management, Cabot now looks at repeating its winning streak with the latest iPad app for Coaching and Performance Evaluation of sales personnel in the Auto Auctions industry.

The client has an iPad app which acts as a coaching guide to auto sales employees at various levels in their organization. The coaching and evaluation is for the field sales representatives and their supervisors in the organizational hierarchy, up to the top most level of management. The app has the complete modules for disseminating info on Competency models and Activity Preparation. Cabot has integrated  the  modules Resources and Reports to the app, the former for capturing information on employee performance via forms and the latter for reporting, tracking and alerting users based on the data captured. To support these two modules, a backend admin system is developed to capture and consolidate the data captured on the app on various devices and then return the analysis and summary to the app. The organizational hierarchy structure is captured here and so also the rules for tracking ipad app activities and reporting. User authentication has been implemented for populating data in the app based on the role-wise privileges of the logged in user. The app is now being used by the managers to submit ride along reports and to view the performance of the team(s) under them, in summary as well as detailed analysis mode. The ride along evaluations can be saved into the app for each representative on the ride-alongs handled by that rep. For each ride along, details such as the customer, opportunity, competency ratings, feedback notes are captured in the evaluation report. In the app dashboard, analysis of performance over the month, quarter, year etc is calculated and displayed automatically at all times with the latest data. Summary of performance and trend analysis is also available in specific competency/skill areas such as territory planning, opportunity identification, communication etc.

Alert rules can be set in the CMS for the benefit of specific user or supervisory roles so that alerts  are displayed in the ipad app; for example, whenever even an individual reportee scores low consistently or fails to comply to the required standards, whenever there has been too lengthy a gap between evaluations, and even of access by the management of own team’s reports.

The iPad app caters effectively to the needs of sales force performance management in the auto industry,  thus adding another golden feather to our cap.

The app was developed exclusively for a client and is therefore not available in the app store.




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