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limepie-blog-image One of the most expected releases in 2013 is Android 5 internally know as the ‘K- release’, presumably Key Lime Pie. We have been expecting that Google will say something about its release in Google I/O conference, but still its keeping mum. With its predecessor Jelly Bean 4.3 still in market, it is likely that Google will wait for the release of the new operating system. But with Google I/O ending with a questionnaire and a picture of android eating lime pie, we get a picture that it’s under development and rumors are that its release may be this October making it coincide with birthday of Android. According to a Korean Report Key Lime Pie will be released with Nexus 5 will be based on LG G2. But we cannot confirm the news yet as there are other rumors too, that Android 5 will be rolled out with Sony. Users who love their old devices still have hope! One of the good goodies that are predicted to come with Lime Pie is that it needs only 512 MB RAM. As we all know new version of android hardware and software is coming and going out so fast. To put it simple, an electronic device has mainly two components: hardware and software. Hardware is the physical components like how a device looks like, its mother board, and display. Hardware only comes to life with software which is brain of the device. One of inclination of android devices is that the older handheld devices cannot support the new OS releases and you cannot get an update. It can better be explained by an example if you buy an android device this year and you are all excited about it, may be after 3 months you can see an update in software or maybe after 6 months you can see a new android handheld device released in market. Sadly, your device cannot get the new update because of the lack of processor/chipset vendor support. Within 6 months your device becomes outdated. For users who love their devices and does not presumably see any fault in using their device if does not have any physical damage, there is a good news! You can get the new Android 5 update in your device if it has 512 MB RAM. Key improvements we look forward! Now the good news does not end here, this OS can be rolled out to other devices like PC. Even though Jelly Bean 4.2 has been a hit in market, we’d like five improvements to come its new release:

    Device security needs to be improved. Capability to separate business and personal data. Improve privacy setting allowing user to choose if they want to reveal their location. Expected to make less memory hungry as Android may update to Linux 3.8 kernel. An improvement to butter which was introduced in Jelly Bean is also expected. Improve android backup, maybe cloud backup.



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