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ios6-7 The hype around iOS 7 is exceptional. We want you to be prepared and know these facts before you opt for this upgrade. Since its first unveiling in June, we've been enticed with iOS 7's flat design, its reworking of essential user interface elements and its brand new features. And it is a major change for iOS users, regardless of whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Apple's legion of registered third-party developers have faithfully downloaded the beta releases, have learned their way around the new and improved developer tools, and many of them have already updated their apps to make them work well with iOS 7. Many more are behind them, bringing their code up to snuff for the new release. 1. Your apps and services can be interrupted

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iOS 7 is a significant rework of iOS. It's arguably the most significant change to iOS since iOS was first introduced. That change is going to come with a few growing pains. One of them is that not all apps are going to be ready for iOS 7 on day one. [/three_fourth]     Some developers are also taking the route of replacing old apps with entirely new ones, optimized for iOS 7 and with other new features. So even if your apps are all "up to date," that doesn't mean they'll all work with iOS 7. 2. Even if they work, some apps may not fit in well [one_fourth last="no"]works[/one_fourth][three_fourth last="yes"] iOS 7's most striking feature is its new look and feel. That change is evident - fundamental design and user interface changes. What's more attractive is that the existing IOS users can upgrade from their previous generation devices to iOS 7 with ease.   [/three_fourth]   Currently in the app store, a lot of apps coming from iOS 6 will work, many of those haven't been reworked to look nice on iOS 7. These apps haven't adopted iOS 7's new visual styling. For the best user experience, you will have to wait until all your apps have been updated or replaced with new versions. 3. Your old device may not deliver what you expect [one_fourth last="no"] all-device[/one_fourth][three_fourth last="yes"] Keep in mind that iOS 7 doesn't work on all iOS devices. If you're using any iPhone prior to an iPhone 4, for example, you're out of luck. Original iPads are out of luck. And any iPod touch prior to the fifth-general current model doesn't qualify, either. Sometimes devices right on the edge of minimum system requirements don't provide the best user experience with the newest software.   [/three_fourth]   4. If you haven't backed it up [one_fourth last="no"] backup-icon[/one_fourth][three_fourth last="yes"] Do make sure you've backed up any iOS device you plan to install iOS 7. Back up your data to iCloud, if you're using iCloud backups will make you data safe. Tether your iOS devices to your Mac or PC and back them up using iTunes. If there are apps installed on your iOS device that you're not using, by all means use this opportunity to delete them. You'll be saving space on your device for new iOS 7-optimized apps, and unburdening yourself from stuff you don't need in the process. [/three_fourth]     5. iOS 7 is a one-way trip [one_fourth last="no"]   one-way[/one_fourth][three_fourth last="yes"] If you do upgrade to iOS 7 and find the experience lacking, there isn't a mechanism for reinstalling iOS 6 afterwards. Even your backups won't help you there - they save application files and settings, data and so on, but not iOS itself. Certainly, developers have been able to downgrade to iOS 6 from the iOS 7 releases, but all that changes once the general release is out in the world. Apple doesn't want you to go back to iOS 6, they want everyone who can to march into the bright new future together. [/three_fourth]     6. If your device is jail broken [one_fourth last="no"] jailbreak[/one_fourth][three_fourth last="yes"] If you've jail broken your iOS device and you want to continue to use whatever tweaks you've installed, you'll need to stick with iOS 6 for now. While prominent iOS jailbreak developers say they're working on the problem, no one is going to have a working, public jailbreak on day one. So if you want to keep using your device jail broken, you'll have to stick with iOS 6 for now. [/three_fourth]     What to Expect The developers have been scrambling over the past three months to get their apps ready to work at all with the new OS, while simultaneously dealing with some new guidelines from Apple.  The company is now fixing multiple bugs and will soon be ready with the necessary tweaks.  Now, its time for you to decide whether to hop on the early bus or wait a little longer for iOS 7 to catch up !



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