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osx-mavericks-new-features Named after one of the favorite surfing spots Mavericks, Mac OS X 10.9 is claimed to be the most powerful OS that Apple has made till date. Even though it looks more like its predecessor OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, it is offering more than 200 features especially concentrating on improvements in performance and what makes it even more fascinating is that, it is absolutely free. The last three versions of OSX i.e. Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard can be upgraded to OSX. Since its release on 22 October there has been a huge amount of downloads compared to its earlier versions. Apart from being free what are the other reasons which make it distinctive? Let’s have a brief view of the keys features it offers. multitask-macosx   1. Improved battery life and performance [one_fourth last="no"] Improved battery life and performance mac[/one_fourth][three_fourth last="yes"] Mavericks is power smart. Mavericks introduced some cool features which improves battery life and performance without any upgrades in hardware. When memory is almost full ‘compressed memory’ feature compresses the inactive data and when these data is in need, it is instantly uncompressed back. This innovative feature has enhanced the performance making it capable to run any number of applications without slowing down. [/three_fourth]   ‘Timer Coalescing’ feature group low level operations enabling CPU in low power state. Now not only CPU uses less energy than usual but it also gives battery a break. Saving power while running multiple applications is now possible with ‘App Nap’ feature. It detects apps behind the scene not doing anything and puts them to sleep. 2. Improved Safari makes surfing smart and fast [one_fourth last="no"]   Improved Safari makes surfing smart and fast[/one_fourth][three_fourth last="yes"] Safari has become more powerful, secure, energy and memory efficient than ever. With ‘new process- per tab’ architecture, safari has become responsive and stable than its counterparts. It is now easier to browse through links posted in Twitter and LinkedIn through ‘Shared Link’ option in your safari. ‘Safari Power Saver’ feature pauses videos and plug-in contents when not in center and front of webpage; resulting in less battery drain and CPU usage than ever. Mavericks give you greater power in surfing by providing feature like ‘Do Not Track’ option enabling sites not to track you. Nitro JavaScript engine adapts to web pages you visit and select the quickest way to execute the JavaScript, making it smart and fast. [/three_fourth]     Player, Silverlight, QuickTime, and Oracle Java are sandboxed in Safari which disallows hidden malware. Integration with iOS devices like iPhone and iPad has been taken to a new level with Mavericks, with iCloud now all web and security details are available at all devices in one go. iCloud Keychain not only provides 256-bit AES encryption for passwords, usernames and credit card number for storing in you Mac device and sending it to iOS devices, but also suggest passwords. 3. Interactive Notification: Mavericks is more user friendly [one_fourth last="no"] Interactive Notification[/one_fourth][three_fourth last="yes"] Yet another feature extended from iOS, but it is more powerful and interactive as it allows taking action directly on them without leaving the app you are using. It allows you to answer FaceTime call, respond to email, imessage or even ignore and set a reminder. Even more exciting is that Mac gives a summary of all notifications it has received while it was asleep.     [/three_fourth]   4. Maps, iBook and Calendar: Mavericks is more like iOS maps-screenshot [one_fourth last="no"]     maps   ibooks-mac Calendar[/one_fourth][three_fourth last="yes"]


: Another feature borrowed from iPhone and iPad, Maps features 3D view, interactive flyover and vector graphics thus enhancing your cross platform experience. It is now possible to look up for directions in your map and send them to your iOS device via iCloud which gives voice navigation along with map while you travel. It does imitate Google maps by providing information about local points like photos, phone numbers and even reviews. One of the most fascinating things about Maps is that it integrates with OSX calendar, contacts and mail too; hence estimating time to travel for an appointment in calendar is easier than ever.  


: Offers more interaction of books other than just reading like zooming, highlighting, searching, bookmarking, make notes and so on. It is great for doing comparative study as it allows two books to be open at the same time.


: Event inspector makes calendar more intelligent by suggesting addresses. It blends well with Maps that now weather forecast, getting direction and calculating time to travel can all be done at once. [/three_fourth]     5. Tags and Finder: Mavericks have improved user interface [one_fourth last="no"]Finder-icon[/one_fourth][three_fourth last="yes"] Finder: Mavericks has consolidated all finder windows into one, making your desktop more ordered. It looks like web browser having multiple tabs in one window.  It even allows moving files from one tab to another. Finder also features file sharing via iMessage, AirDrop, email, Twitter, Facebook and Flicker. Tags: With much improved organizing mechanism of tagging files, Mavericks can help not only with your Mac but also iCloud. Any number of such tags can be made to a file. By just clicking ‘Important’ in the sidebar lists out all the files which have been tagged important, irrelevant to the location or folder it is present. [/three_fourth]     Tags-screenshots 6.    Multi support screen: Mavericks make you do more with multiple screens [one_fourth last="no"] Multiple Display Enhancements[/one_fourth][three_fourth last="yes"] Your Mac can have any number of displays as needed that also without losing other benefits of desktop computing. Each display will have their own dock and menu bar, and you can control it entirely the way you want; run two different full screen apps on two displays or run full screen app on one and multiple window on the other. Even you can turn your HDTV into second display using AirPlay and Apple TV.   [/three_fourth]   In Short inshort-screenshot-macos Apple is reformulating its desktop technology by adding more features, improving the old ones and definitely by making it free. Features like tags deliver more organizing option redefining the folder structure to a new level. It is definitely a breakthrough with Mavericks, improving battery life and performance by inventing new ways of computing and scheduling. It definitely seems that our prayers have been answered with Maps and iBooks being now extended to Mac, a long desire feature. Smart browsing is introduced with new Safari and iCloud Keychain. With improvements and features Mavericks have definitely given a new and powerful face to OSX.   [separator top="10" style="shadow"] [tagline_box backgroundcolor="" shadow="no" border="1px" bordercolor="" highlightposition="right, left, top or bottom" link="" linktarget="" button="Project Planner" title="Better estimation & planning can help you build a stronger business solution ! " description="Launch our project planner to get going in less than a minute. "][/tagline_box] Reference:  



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