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Business-Process-Management A company has a large number of myriad processes which makes it run. Each of these business processes or activities has a specific set of repetitive tasks comprising into a particular workflow. Business process management is management of these activities; which contains systems, people or other resources. It comprises of structuring a business process, allowing a transparent view of the process which could be iterated and tweaked, accordingly resulting in better value addition to the organization and meeting business objectives.

Upcoming trends

Various business process management suites and comprehensive applications have been developed to facilitate business operations and this in turn has revolutionized how a company works; saving time, money and most importantly, effort.  They run on server clusters and often manage the entire enterprise, through PCs and laptops. This works very well in the case of employees who will be in office, but what about tasks which demand staff to be out in the field, for example, in the case of construction industry. Luckily, there has been an abrupt growth in mobile industry in terms of both hardware and apps which run on them. Moreover mobile technology has invaded every inch of business ecosystem whether it is customers, employees, suppliers, management, and partners. This is where mobile devices like smart phones and tablets come in handy. These smart devices help them to stay in touch with backend CMS (Content Management System) in the office. I think it is best to explain with some scenarios from some of BPMS projects which we done in past.

The varied faces of Mobile BPMS

Consider the situation of a farm where a farm operation manager will have to communicate and coordinate with workers at farm efficiently on the go. Now, it becomes impossible for workers to carry laptops along with them as it is not that portable device (weighing at least 3 kg), the best option is left to smart phone and tablets. Workers can enter all the work and efforts done by them through the mobile device and manager sitting at the CMS end can monitor the work, communicate and direct them accordingly. Manager can assign jobs to workers on the go too and continuously communicate with them. If there was no mobile technology to aid then it would have made communication and monitoring of workers very difficult especially for a farm having hundreds of acres of land. This case explained business process of managing workers in an outdoor environment. BPMS can be extended totally opposite indoor environment too. One of the examples from finance industry is auto auction industry; where the need of setting competency models and coaching employees to achieve sales target is crucial. Now if you have to analyze actions and performance of all employees and alert them; it is best to be implemented in a handheld device. In an industry, critical as auction were time is considered most valuable, it is best to opt devices which are available with employees all the time. Another example can be drawn from sales environment were sales person can just use an app in their mobile device and help customers to choose from variety of wine barrels or even calculate the price of customized wine barrels.


Business process management systems essentially add revenue and save time. We have seen that mobile technology is growing as an integral part, not only in one’s life but also business; and it has been extending its roots to business process management as well. With examples described above we figured out that mobile BPMS can be extended to any environment, but it is most useful in outdoor operations. Reference



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