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smart watch comparison With wavering techie lingos redefining the digital vocabulary, it seems that smart watches are all set to grab the attention - Though still evolving in a pre-mature stage, the gadget has already acquired the status of the hottest buzz of the techie town. With giants such as Apple and Google all set to revolutionize the smart watch market, analytics point towards an upbeat. A watch that allows you to make a call, take a picture or control music is no longer limited to the electrifying science fictions. Today smart watches are equipped with additional features such as  biometric monitoring, GPS and mapping capability and researches are now being carried out to unleash further possibilities to add on more features to the list. [separator top="10" style="shadow"] We compare some of the most trending smart watches such as Pebble, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony SmartWatch 2, Qualcomm Toq and Martian. [separator top="10" style="shadow"] An important point to note is that none of them diddly-squat without pairing with a compatible smart phone, that is, they can survive being a standalone device and if they are not paired, there is nothing smart about it at all. Hence, it can be said that it provides hands-free control and access to data. Here, comparisons are made in the light of user perspective, highlighting its compatibility, build, display, weight, battery life, water resistance and cost. A captivating feature is the facility of voice assistance wherein one can talk to phone and make it even send messages, emails, set remainders, check the weather, reserve tickets, get sports updates, and much more.While most of the watches showed compatibility with Android but not iOS, Pebble and Martian showed full compatibility. The race is between Galaxy Gear which offers most features but limited compatibility and Pebble which offers full compatibility but some restricted features. To enable a better comprehension on the features, we have tried to consolidate data into the following info graphics. smart-watch-infographics-compare-features-price   To summarize, it seems that the whole world of watches are now being reformulated; thus adding smartness to our lives. If smart phones were what could redefine technology trends until now, it's now time to leave your phones back in the pockets and still get notified with all important things. So in case, you are a gadget lover, why wait? Rush to the store and grab the smart watch of your choice.   [separator top="10" style="shadow"] [tagline_box backgroundcolor="" shadow="no" border="1px" bordercolor="" highlightposition="right, left, top or bottom" link="" linktarget="" button="Project Planner" title="Customize your new smart watch with bespoke apps " description="Our geeks are out here at your service"][/tagline_box]



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