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chromecast - streaming app

First impressions were always the best - until yesterday when a little dongle called chromecast almost managed to deceive my intellects as a pendrive. Excitement is the assured first expression on any face on knowing that this little device is all set to revolutionize TV streaming capabilities.The operation is all based on chromecast enabled applications, both web and mobile supported, where the user selects the media to be played. Introduced to market about 6 months ago, it was the open release of the cast SDK last week that brought it into the limelight again. History speaks success stories of open app development and this time, the attention is shifted to chromecast development. What would possibly attract any developer is the amazing investment of $35; opening up new avenues of infotainment applications. A selective range of services including netflix, Pandora and Youtube are already available with the device and the open SDK from google would usher in many more consumer apps to our television sets. chrome-cast-device   The cast SDK, unlike other kits, promises plain, smooth development without having to write a new app. All what it takes is to incorporate the SDK into the existing application and the content is available on the big screen. The developer holds a complete control of the development and release of the cast ready apps through the developer console. read-to-cast-from-mobile-device Choices for content management are numerous for chromecast. For simple applications, the default media player, with a facility to run the HTML5 media content can be made use of. However, for those favoring customization, CSS can be used. More experiments can be done with design using standard web technologies to build custom receiver applications.

[tagline_box backgroundcolor="#cfd1d0" shadow="no" border="0px" bordercolor="#ffffff" highlightposition="none" fontcolor="#ffffff"  title=" While the SDK is available for both Android and iOS platforms, Google also offers a cast browser extension exclusively for chrome." ][/tagline_box]

It must be true that Chromecast had been creating wonders ever since its launch, making it Amazon's best selling consumer electronic. From a market perspective, however it is still too early to predict the acceptance of it as a new development stream. Decisive factors are indeed many, but if made practical, time isn't far for us to find a cast button in all our favorite apps. Until then, hey developers, it's time to chromecastinate. [tagline_box backgroundcolor="" shadow="no" border="1px" bordercolor="" highlightposition="right, left, top or bottom" link="" linktarget="" button="Chromecast Development" title=Google's Chromecast is now open for developers. It's time to bring on the Streaming App!" description="Chromecast is about to be flooded with a lot more apps for infotainment."][/tagline_box]  



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