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Enterprise mobility Surveys have made it right this time too. Certainly a couple of years from now, technology world is all gonna be concentrated around a single pivot - that of enterprise mobility. What continues to astound us is statistics. We do agree on the fact that mobile technology has become so pervasive; but can't help blinking when data says that the number of mobile connections equals the count of people on this planet (6.8 billion) - much more than the count of people who own a toothbrush (4.2 billion). With more than 90% of the enterprises going mobile, the landscape of enterprise mobility is expanding than ever before. Reports say that more enterprises are turning to mobile applications for strategy augmentation - notably in India and China. [tagline_box backgroundcolor="#cfd1d0" shadow="no" border="0px" bordercolor="#ffffff" highlightposition="none" fontcolor="#ffffff"  title=" The Forrester survey claims that about 58% of enterprise decision makers are planning to invest more on internal mobile applications and middle-ware in 2014." ][/tagline_box] Mobile commerce burgeons at a rapid rate, contributing to more than 25% of the total e-commerce traffic.At the outset, the Game is changing in Enterprise Mobility and it is time to watch for some major developments in this domain. [separator top="10" style="shadow"] Augmented Reality It's the time for wearables - ranging from smart watches to Glasses. Augmented reality is all set to revolutionize the smart devices by bringing contextual information to the user. 2014 is predicted as a year where activities would be at a boom for this genre.   AR-MAP Enhanced Cloud Ventures Cloud computing offers immense opportunities for the companies to aid development and implement new technologies. With flexibility and cost effectiveness topping the list of its numerous advantages, more organizations are now in the lookout for cloud solutions.   cloud-cabot  The BYOD Debate BYOD continues to grab the attention worldwide - Companies are still debating over its adoption as a technical strategy to promote business. With more than 85% of the US based Enterprises embracing BYOD, it now seems that more companies are now seeking BYOD patterns. byod-2014 Approach - Native or HTML5? The debate is still on whether to go for Native or HTML5. For critical applications most of the enterprises still go for a hybrid approach whereas HTML5 is preferred for the low-end applications. While a hybrid approach for native development is much favored, HTML5 with a native wrapper is rarely considered. HTML-vs-Native Internal Application Development Enterprises are now seeking novel methodologies to monitor, delegate and control the employee activities through internal application development. Automation of tasks and better deployment at low key investments promote more mobile application developments for internal applications. Internal-Application-development The forecast : Looking on to the future of mobility, predictions say there will about 50 billion connected devices by 2020. The number itself speaks about the enormity, pointing to the necessity to re-draft the mobile strategy. For enterprises, it is time to test ideas, solutions and applications to stay competitive. Verticals and applications are wider - stretching from automation of processes, real-time information access and streamlining of operations to day to day applications. But, at its core, the whole idea remains simple - a connected life through operational flexibility. Perhaps, this exactly is the area where the focus is now shifted towards.



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