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[imageframe style="border,glow,dropshadow,bottomshadow" bordercolor="" bordersize="0px" stylecolor="" align=""]Enhanced Cloud [/imageframe] The early endorsers of Enterprise Mobility did reap fruitful rewards in plenty. The flip - flop was magical and soon, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) became the new gospel for operational success. No wonder why enterprises are all re-framing their business models with a major chunk of resources diverted towards mobile computing. When choosing a reliable, efficient and cost effective method without having to compromise on security becomes the biggest concern, it is Cloud that comes in for the rescue. Organizations now embrace both enterprise mobility and cloud  computing together, and its time to consider a few vital factors: > Flexibility in operation is the biggest boon of a cloud based solution - whether the support is meant for a full-fledged IT department, or a team that fiddles with technology, cloud does good. In case yours is an enterprise  looking for methods to migrate data into cloud without any IT resources, look for a provider offering continual technical support. > For Organizations looking for enhanced cloud services, there is a necessity to supervise activities through a web based console. This would help to handle mobility across the enterprise by imposing necessary security controls and appropriate application deployment. Seamless flow of business operations is facilitated here through approved devices across various locations. > A cloud based solution can help eliminate the costs of server purchases and software up-fronts. However, the organization needs to be alert about the type of services they require and should accommodate sufficient space to scale the service in accordance to the business growth. > Enterprises that rely on BYOD for the smart devices benefit a great deal from cloud based, enterprise mobility management solutions. It is integral for these companies to adopt a multi-platform enterprise mobility management strategy to streamline their operations through a web-based console in real time. Along with better device management and information access, it saves considerable amount of time and investment. > Cloud based data are accessible for the users working from remote locations, say through Wifi or 3G connectivity options. There is a need for the companies to carefully monitor and control the connectivity utilization as it might lead to excessive costs, offsetting the efficiencies expected to gain out of cloud environment. > Majority of enterprise data gets stored on mobile devices making data protection a critical task. There is a clear need to have better visibility and control of the end user operations. Here, data security requires a considerable amount of endpoint security solutions ensuring stringent policies.

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It's for sure that the Cloud computing and mobility is all set to revolutionize the entire business chain - taking the Business to business, Business to customer and Business to  employee relations to the next level. While a centralized portal controls the operations,it strategically encompasses analytics of the technology usage patterns across the enterprise. These metrics become the decisive parameters on policies related to data accessibility,investments and security risks. just as in any other case, even cloud technology is never devoid of challenges. However, at the bottom line, it is the limitless possibilities of cloud that stands out - maximizing the potentials of mobility across various enterprises.



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