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To state the obvious, every technology for the most part attempts to make life easier - and iBeacon is no exception. What if you enter a store and your smartphone shows you all the items on sale around you, enables you to select what is necessary and make payments? In an airport or railway station, how good it would be if a notification about departures, delays and platform assignments can be delivered instantly to the passenger phones? Well, iBeacon is designed to do the same and a lot more!

[tagline_box backgroundcolor="#cfd1d0" shadow="no" border="0px" bordercolor="#ffffff" highlightposition="none" fontcolor="#ffffff"  title="The iBeacon technology is now setting new paradigms to indoor mobile communication - especially in the business ecosystems." ][/tagline_box]

To put it in simple terms, iBeacon is a low cost hardware that can be attached on a wall or counter-top. Utilizing battery friendly Bluetooth connections, iBeacon sends messages to any iOS7 or Android device (with Bluetooth LE)  located within 150 m in proximity to the beacon. Many iBeacon applications are now available in app stores, supporting Android as well as iOS devices. ShopBeacon, for instance, is a retail facilitating iBeacon app that can help in providing information about the goods on sale with an option for the user to buy the product through various payment gateways. While most of the apps are intended to support businesses, there are apps like iBeaconLocate to spot nearby iBeacons with distance estimates. This helps in letting the user turn on the Bluetooth and permit notifications or promotions from sources of their choice.



Thanks to its multiple benefits such as efficient micro location targeting, iBeacon has become a "must-to have gadget" for retailers, event organizers, institutions and other enterprises to enhance their customer experience. Here is a compilation of its advantages and concerns: Exact location targeted:  iBeacons can project product information and promotions straight to the customer’s mobile phones. As the device is proximity based, it helps in targeting the right customers and diverting them to your business point. Instant purchase: The technology allows the user to purchase products directly from their device. Automatic payment gateways speeds up the checkout process through a contact-less payment option. Low energy consumption: iBeacon works on LE Bluetooth technology which consumes comparatively much lesser energy than the GPS system. This allows the user to turn on Bluetooth all the time without having concerns of low battery charge. Accessible at all locations: GPS signal strength is largely dependent on the location. iBeacon technology comes for rescue here as the device can be utilized anywhere without any signal obstructions. It is true that the iBeacon is all poised to transform the way interactions are made in business. Mobile devices are on a hype and the consumers seem to be receptive towards new technologies. But there still remain concerns about a wide spread adoption of iBeacon - hugely due to the several layers of permissions that it has to surpass. The customers need to turn on the Bluetooth, set the location services in the application and opt to receive notifications. No matter what the concerns are, further device enhancements are on its way, redefining the client experience for businesses. Who knows, down the lane, even domestic consumers might start using iBeacon for their home automation too. [tagline_box backgroundcolor="" shadow="no" border="1px" bordercolor="" highlightposition="right, left, top or bottom" link="" linktarget="" button="More about iBeacon" title="Looking for improved customer interaction and an enhanced client experience?" description="Make use of the latest iBeacon device to communicate with your potential customers."][/tagline_box]



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