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mobile-world-congress--2014-take-aways It is not just another fact that Mobile World Congress moves the needle for everything mobile. Path breaking technology releases, keynote addresses, over a lakh delegates from all the four corners of this planet - MWC 2014 (Mobile World Congress), Barcelona made headlines everywhere. The internet of "too-much information" might bewilder you with MWC news. To help you out with the adequate information, here is a compilation of all those actions from Barcelona:


In a nutshell - MWC: MWC is the World's largest annual mobile conference and exhibition attended by mobile operators, technology providers and device manufacturers from all over the globe. MWC 2014 made history with over 4500 CEO's, 3800 media and technology analysts, 1800 product companies and service providers attending the conference. As Eventifier rightly compiles it, a total of 345390 tweets, 1002 videos, 17856 photos and 452 blogs were published about  the Congress all across the web space. Announcements and Keynote addresses: Ever since its inception, MWC has staged revolutionary discussions, heated debates, trend-setting product releases and announcements. This year too, MWC was rich with many new technology releases. High profile speakers including the CEO's of IBM, CitiGroup, Cisco, Etisalat, Ford, Raspberry Pi and many others discussed and debated with their flagship products. But it was the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who made it to the top again with the WhatsApp acquisition announcement. Mark's keynote address focussed mainly on their social media strategies and the $19 billion USD deal intending to connect the world better. Smartphones that stood out: Mobile Congress is all about Mobile devices and there can't be a MWC without new releases. This year too, stacks of new phones were released. Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony - all battled the race to be in the top. The 4K video capture technology was the biggest attraction along with Nokia's first Android budget phone release.These are the major phones that stood out of the crowd, with its incredible specifications:


YotaPhone2: Likely to be available in Market by the end of this year, Yota bagged the MWC attention like no other. The phone has a second screen at its back, enabled by sticking a low power e-paper that can provide a B&W display.The key functions can be managed by the power efficient second screen, thus increasing the battery life. LG G-Pro2: A 5.9 inch Phablet from LG, G-Pro2 made a remarkable entry in the MWC with its stunning software features. The "knock to unlock" option, 13MP camera with OIS+ technology and many other brilliant apps have made it a roaring success. Sony Xperia Z2: Slightly bigger than Z1, it offers a 5.2 inch display with a full HD resolution. The 20.7 MP camera with the provision to capture 4K videos is yet another attraction of the device. Wearables still on the mainstream: MWC 2014 saw many more companies coming forward to invest for wearables - extending the list from wristbands, eyewears, watches and countless other wearable gears. Sony released its first wearable Smartband, a fitness tracking device to track and maintain the individual physical activities. MWC2014-wearables Gear2, Gear2-Neo and GearFit  marked the Samsung contribution to the wearable devices. The Gear smart-watches, unlike its Android predecessors, run on Samsung's homebrewed Tizen OS. Gearfit, on the other hand is a fitness tracker from the samsung's rage of wearable devices. The MWC also witnessed the Chinese Mobile Giant Huawei taking a step ahead of the rest by releasing Talkband, a wearable that additionally lets you talk hands-free while keeping a track of the everyday activities. Technology for everyday life: At MWC, life is all about technology. From cars to clothing, doorbells, heat monitors, vending machines, thermostats and even toothbrushes, a mobile connected chip is what defines action now. Oral B came up with an e-toothbrush that could connect to a phone to analyse and improve your brushing patterns.Similar is the case of a Sports shirt that has sensors to monitor a player's heart rate during the game. At its core, the MWC conveys a very simple, yet relevant message. With over 4.55 billion mobile users all the world over, mobile is no longer a tech niche. Mobile, today is a big business, to any business, no matter what its size, location or type is. As long as this trend stays, more innovative technologies would continue to revolutionize the mobile world.



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