google-io-2014-extended-kochi The 2014 edition of Google I/O extended, a global developer's conference initiated by Google is held on 25 and 26 June 2014. With over 424 officially registered extended locations across the globe where the event would be live streamed from San Francisco, the biggest attraction of I/O extended has always been its universal acceptance. Out of the 24 officially registered I/O extended locations in India, 2 are in Kerala - Thiruvananthapuram, and Kochi respectively. Cabot Technology Solutions has teamed up with RapidValue technologies, Suyati, Google developer’s group, and Vodafone to organize the Kochi edition of Google I/O. Bringing together the developer community from all over, the event unleashes the power of technology at its best. Part technology analysis and part community building, I/O Extended includes everything from live streaming the Google I/O content to local developer demos, and speaker sessions. In addition to the keynote session live streamed from San Francisco, there would also be sessions by regional developers on topics such as Android development, Chrome apps, and cloud platform. The key speakers from Cabot for the event includes Sumi Menon and Shiju.TV. While Sumi is handling a session on Meteor framework, Shiju introduces the concepts of Grunt development through a demonstrative session. Also, there are speakers from Suyati, RapidValue, Profoundis, and The Links SMT emphasising on key technologies such as MBaaS, MongoDB, Chrome Extension development, Semantic search etc. Read-more---Google-IOevent-photo-google-io



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