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google-io--cabot-at-google-io For the past one week, the tech media around the world had a single buzz - that of Google I/O. Right from the Sundar Pichai's keynote address to the announcement of Android L and Auto, the technology world had enough stuffs to celebrate the google initiated event. To further diffuse the spirit at its best, there was Google I/O extended, a drive to extend the message of Google I/O by streaming the event live at over 430 officially registered locations. With regional developers getting an opportunity to demonstrate their ideas to a large and well informed audience, the biggest attraction of I/O extended has always been community building. Being the official organizers of the Kochi edition of the Google I/O extended this year, the team Cabot had a prominent role to play. The whole idea of hosting the Kochi edition came from the Cabot technical team, who in the previous years, had to visit the cities like Bangalore and Chennai, just to attend the extended sessions. Outlining the event was indeed easy; but what racked our brains was the execution. The challenges we had were numerous - drafting out event agendas, getting speakers on time, managing the audience, arranging the live streaming sessions, and all the more, making the event a distinct experience in all its sense. While our technical team were all busy bringing together the speakers and drawing out a clear, defined structure for the event; our marketing team managed the event promotions and branding. When the HR team took over the tasks of registration and the venue management, we had the whole of Cabot coming forward to volunteer for the event. It is undoubtedly the quality of speakers and sessions that determine the success of any technical event. Thanks to our speakers, Sumi Menon, Lead developer, Mobile applications and Shiju TV, our chief web application Architect; we did make a mark in the Google I/O extended Kochi. While introducing Meteor framework to the audience, Sumi demonstrated the utility of the technology by creating a Chromecast application that would show the comments generated by the audience on a TV screen displayed in the hall. The outcome was indeed double - prove the utility of the application in the most simplest of ways to the audience, and improve the event experience by collecting live opinions from the attendees of the event. The second session from Cabot was on Grunt application development, handled by Shiju. An ardent techie leading the Web team of Cabot, Shiju ensured that the session is extremely elaborate and pertains well to the interests of the crowd. Altogether, for us, I/O extended was not just another technical event. We did have fun and frolic; we did learn a lot; but then, on top of all the excitement and jubilation, what stood out was the spirit of oneness that united all of us for a common mission. Untitled-1random-io-picx



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