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5-ways-ibeacon-help-retail-businesss Apple's devices running iOS7 and later has a feature that allows it to receive signals from Low Energy Bluetooth devices nearby. Apps can now detect when you are close to such a device that it recognises. Thus your app will be able to take special actions such as sending a push notification even if the app is not running and device is in the pocket. This feature is huge for businesses and retailers because you can now send customised messages and derive information on what the user is shopping for, and which locations the user has gone to. Here are some ideas for iBeacon based apps that can help your business interact with its user better. Personalised offers These days retailers collect a lot of data from their consumers. Shopping habits and personal preferences combined with information from their social networks such as facebook and Twitter,would make it possible to push recommendations when the consumer is in your store. For example, if you know that the consumer has purchased a new TV, he may be interested in checking out the latest home theater system when he is in store. Providing a customised offer at that specific moment will peak his interest to check out the product right when he is in the store. Send consumers a customised message when they are close to a store inviting to come in to check out a new product they may be interested in, or useful advice on a product they have already purchased. Pharmacy chain Duane Reade is planning to release an app that will provide product reviews pushed to their devices as customers evaluate products in the store. Customers will also be able to receive notifications on their devices as they approach a store. cabot-ibeacon-mall-design-blog-size Gather user feedback Retailers are always interested to understand the experience of consumers while in the store. Most places have a suggestion box where they can put in their feedback, but they need to go out of the way to find this. iBeacon devices placed strategically around the store can request feedback from consumers on their app after walking away from a checkout lane. This request can come as a push notification and the user can complete it at their leisure when they are back home. Go further by providing interesting offers when the customer has provided some feedback. Interactive marketing campaigns Engage with customers via an interactive marketing campaign app. E.g. users can collect free points for each aisle they walk through at a supermarket. These points can be exchanged for a free coffee, or a discount coupon. This way you can get consumers to spend more time in the store. Nivia is providing small iBeacon which is distributed directly in a magazine. The iBeacon is worn around the wrist of a child, and an accompanying app will notify the parent if the child moves too far away.     Coca Cola is looking hard at iBeacon technology for its marketing initiatives. They are using it to push customised messages to its users depending on where they are. So they would receive one message when they are in the Car park, and another when they are in the store. These location and context sensitive messages provide a more engaging experience to the users. Kraft Foods’ Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh brand is using geo-fenced in-store push notifications to promote new flavours when they are ready to make a purchase decision. In Store Virtual Salesman Wouldnt it be great if you can avoid that pushy salesman when you walk into a store? Your branded apps can replace them, and provide precise information when users want it. Say you are shopping for a TV and want to quickly see the technical specifications, simply take your phone and bring it close to the TV. You can then see the app bringing up all the details of the specific model, plus ability to compare it other similar ones. Plus if there is a promotion on the item, you get to see it right away. There are so many advantages to this. If there is no demo piece or product in stock, user can still view all the details, and make a purchase from the seller’s online store. Virtual Loyalty cards Award users for being a repeat customer to your business. Give them points when they visit the stores, and spend time. The points can be exchanged for discounts on purchases. Adidas is launching a pilot project called CheckBonus, which is an app that works like a loyalty card on your iPhone. Users can earn points by visiting the store, and spending time viewing products. Additional points can be earned by inviting friends on facebook or checking into the store. [tagline_box backgroundcolor="" shadow="no" border="1px" bordercolor="" highlightposition="right, left, top or bottom" link="" linktarget="" button="More about iBeacon" title="Looking for improved customer interaction and an enhanced client experience?" description="Make use of the latest iBeacon device to communicate with your potential customers."][/tagline_box]



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