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iphone 6 getting the screens right You needn't be gadget savvy to understand this - "Screensize rules the mobile world". And when big players like Apple comes out to launch a big screen as late as this, there are no hidden surprises. But then, with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus trending all over the globe, there is no doubt that the new iPhones are all set to make big rounds in the smartphone market. Keeping games aside, there are two major types of apps that designers will have to adapt to this new environment - Enterprise Apps and Utility Apps. Porting the app’s content to the new screen is indeed a big factor that every designer is now concerned about. As the screen size continues to offer various dimensions for the designer to play on, it is crucial that your app is tailored to perform seamless across any apple device. The iPhone 6 comes in with a Retina HD display, which is about twice the resolution of the iPhone 5 screen. With 1920 x 1080 resolution for the iPhone 6 Plus and 1334 x 750 resolution for the iPhone 6, these new models comes with over 3 million and 2 million pixels, respectively. The new launch has made waves among Apple fans and the company has ensured that the screens are compatible to run the 1.3 million apps currently available in the store. This allows the existing utility apps to scale their UI elements so as to fit in the new dimensions of iPhone 6. With features like "desktop-class scaler", these apps can now be adjusted to the new screen sizes without any code tweaks. apple-screens-ios6-ios6plus As expected, variable sizing of UI elements is a must. Dealing with wider screens, UX designers will  have to add flexibility to deal with  3x resolution, for which existing apps may need to undergo drastic rework on images / backgrounds used in the app screens. This can be challenging as they are sized specifically for current screen dimensions. This would be evident in case of apps that display user generated content, particularly when dealing with the demands of 3x graphics. The new features in IOS  now comes with a built in rotatable home screen that enables viewing of app icons both horizontally and vertically.  Switching from  portrait to landscape can make apps take a whole new dimension. Apple's XCode now enables apps to automatically respond to multiple screen sizes, use auto layout, relatively placing edges to make a perfect fit.The built-in apps — like Mail, Calendar, and Stocks have been enhanced with landscape viewing. iphone-4-5-6-images-sheet-screensize-right-cabot App developers will have new tools to rearrange their content according to the phone's screen size and take advantage of the larger screen. For designers and developers who want to make new apps, this will require serious thought works and coding. Anyway, designers can now make use of the improved contrast and advanced Multi‑Touch to make the app world even more exciting. For some, the new standard and zoom view can be interesting as it helps users choose between app icon size. The latest ios8 has “standard view” for users to see more apps whereas “activate the display zoom” shows the user content a little bigger or zoomed in. iphone6-landscape-view Designing new apps will never be the same anymore. The higher the resolution,  more subtle and rich the visual feedback to actions on screen. As the new iOS8 is in place, it now seems that the designers and coders have more pixels to play with. [tagline_box backgroundcolor="" shadow="no" border="1px" bordercolor="" highlightposition="right, left, top or bottom" link="" linktarget="" button="Building Futuristic Apps " title=" Get to know how we develop new apps for iOS that perform seamless across all  Apple devices" description="Let us join hands to make your idea work on any device ."][/tagline_box]




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