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the-new-ios8-what-apple-has-to-offer-iphone Not all Apple fanboys would object this - September hadn't been all that good for the world's most envied technology company. Though at shrill voices, discussions are now being heard at tech towns about Apple's impending fall from the throne of the market leader. The so called "biggest launch" of an iOS phone ever didn't seem to make so much of an impact as expected. Delayed pre-order processes, lack of "new and innovative" features when compared to its Android counterparts, and finally the quick iOS 8 launch with some cosmetic changes to its previous version - ingredients were many for the critics to fuel the debate. And now, keeping all the reviews apart, analytics show that the Apple sales trajectory is still on a higher note. Despite of all the roller coaster reactions that stormed the digital media, the new iPhone 6 still managed to mark a record of 4 million pre-sale orders. Thousands lined up in front of the Apple stores for days, simply to buy a new phone. If you are still puzzled as to how this tech giant does it all, there is just one answer - Apple builds both hardware and software, something which no one else does at a highly reliable scale. Even when Android comes in with the same features at a much lower price tag, people are willing to spend a few extra $ for Apple. With the release of iOS 8, Apple fans are now all set to upgrade to the new version. For all those, who are still not very clear about the new features that the iOS 8 can give you, here is a list. ios8--iphones Interface As always, Apple has managed to stick to its standardized design aspects in the iOS 8 too, thus leaving no major scope for a change in its look and feel. The overall appearance is almost the same as in iOS 7, though a lot many new features and refinements have been added to it. The layered interface patterns let the user zoom the content in and out, according to his convenience. Also, to enhance the graphical experience better, the parallax effect is also optimized in a more refined way. Notifications The new iOS comes in with a whole lot of added features for notifications. Any third party application developer can now enjoy the privilege of adding his app's widget to the notification centre - thus allowing the alerts to be featured on the home screen. Also, the user can respond to the notifications then and there, without actually having to leave the screen in use. notification-message Message features With iOS 8, Apple has made life a lot more easy for its "text -savvy" users. Incorporating many of the features as in the WhatsApp, the new iOS comes in with options for image, video, and voice messages. The group conversations have been made a lot more user friendly, with options to include or exclude people from message threads, or even mute a group chat. To add on, the new feature also comes with many short hands for each of send images, videos etc. However, to use these shorthand features, it is vital that along with the sender, the recipient also has to use the iMessage services. message-ios8 Photos With iOS 8, Camera and photo features have also undergone a whole lot of improvements. The new iOS has a slow motion video provision that can capture about 240 frames per second. Also, there are time lapse options as well as the self timers to add on to the camera features. Refinements are visible in terms of the camera exposure, focus control, and the burst mode functionalities. While the slow motion video features are specific to iPhone 6 alone, time lapse options can be availed on any device from iPhone 4S and above. The photo app now has a Spotlight icon that directs the user to the Search Engine page, thus helping the user search for image details. camera-ios8-features   Keyboard Just as Android's "Swype" feature, the iOS 8 has now provisions to type by swiping over the keyboard instead of tapping each key. Experiments are on the way to introduce a "Text Expander keyboard" that can automatically expand abbreviations, phrases, or even sentences - according to the utilization patterns and predictive typing provisions. keyboard Siri The iOS 8 also brings in many welcome changes to Siri as well. With this, the device can now recognize the voice/music on play and give you all the available details of the track. There is also a provision to use Siri as "Hands free" , provided the device is connected to a power source. There is also a "Talk to type" feature that lets the device recognize the words that you dictate and type it all by its itself. siri   Health app With lot many customized packages to track individual health and fitness,the health app is the most discussed feature of iOS 8.Collecting data from various connected fitness devices as well as applications, this feature allows the user to store all their health records in a single place. Right from keeping a close watch on your weight, blood pressure and nutrition intakes, this app is highly customizable according to the user's specific needs. healthcare-ios On the first look, this is what iOS 8 has to offer you - while there are not many "innovative" features that you would expect from Apple, every effort has been made to refine the existing features, thus concentrating more on the user experience.



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