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3599753183_1302fe00b4_zCustomers are moving to mobile, and this is a channel that any serious marketer needs to grasp in order to compete in the modern business environment. More than 56% of all Americans have a smart phone, and about 35% own a tablet. Kate Leggett of Forrester Research states that adopting a Mobile first approach to customer service is will be one of the hottest marketing trends in 2015. Mobile devices occupy a central role in most people’s lives, from being used to check the latest news, weather report, stream movies, and research, to online shopping etc. Adopting a mobile first approach involves recognizing that mobile is fast becoming the most important channel to reach customers, and the marketing function in the organization needs to be aligned to this technology trend. Customer service operations need to be mobile friendly as this will be the determining factor of whether a prospective client opts for your products or goes for those of your competitors. Big data analytics and customer relationship management play an important role in implementing this strategy. Know the Customer Customer interactions with companies through mobile vary depending on the nature of the product/service. For example, someone buying a football ticket through a mobile app, will spend less time (since it is just a simple transaction) as compared to someone who is looking for the best airline ticket deals or is doing discount shopping online. It is common for certain mobile apps to be used more frequently during certain times of the day than others e.g., football score app after a popular match etc. Big data analytics can help you decipher those intricate customer patterns to help you design a mobile first approach to marketing. Providing quality service to customers through mobile, means having perfect knowledge of the customer you are dealing with. Design the Mobile Interface to be Customer Friendly A mobile first approach means customers can make decisions on purchase with just the touch of a button. Having a mobile app or website is no longer just to complement a company’s desktop site. The mobile platform is now more important than ever, as connectivity capabilities and advanced features in smart phones allow users to browse for goods and services and make direct purchases. Hence for this reason mobile apps need to be easily navigable. One of the reasons why prospects abandon “carts” or quickly move away without making a purchase is due to poor navigability and design of the mobile interface. Big data analytics and CRM can help you determine the best methods that lead to higher customer conversions. Shifting Resources to Mobile Mobile is here to stay and this is not just a passing trend. Companies need to dedicate sufficient resources to mobile marketing strategies in order to reap maximum benefits from this powerful platform. In order to remain competitive, companies need to pour resources on creating great customer mobile experiences. Customers already have expectations and needs which need to be fulfilled otherwise they will switch to competitors. No longer should mobile app development projects be taken lightly, but need to occupy a strategic role in the company. These need to be integrated with CRM and Big data analytics for continuous monitoring and improvement. A mobile first approach to customer service is important in the light of the mobile revolution that we have seen over the last few years. Its either you jump into the bandwagon or you die. It can only be effective if you have a good understanding and knowledge of your customers. Big data and CRM are key to understanding how your customers behave on mobile. This should allow for the design of mobile solutions that drive higher customer conversion. Image source



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