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how-to-select-a-team-for-your-app-development Last evening our team at Cabot bid farewell to two young engineers who decided to pursue their career dreams outside of Cabot. They had both spent between three to four years with us and they were both brilliant in their own ways, technically and otherwise. As I was standing in the corner watching their farewell speeches and the toasts given to them by their colleagues , I felt really happy and proud. A bit sad too, but definitely more happy and proud than sad, and here’s why. As a young organization, Cabot had long ago decided that we want to mould young engineers by being their first employer and by imprinting in them great values essential for tomorrow’s leaders and I am not talking about just programming skills, which they could easily master from the internet within matter of few days. As the world around us rings the funeral bell of Indian IT outsourcing as we know it, we need to be in a much more advanced state of engineering and technical leadership rather than being coding body shops and that's exactly what our Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) program does. This six month long initiative lays the foundation to groom a viable candidate into a successful software engineer. But our work has just begun, so we can’t stop and rest there. Whenever I think back of the good old days of my programming life, inevitably what stands up in my mind is the countless discussions that I have had with my team leads, career coaches , HR managers and so on. All of these wonderful people played a great role in shaping up my career to the point where it is now Of course companies such as Compuware, DMR , Fujitsu all had big budgets and resources for these, where as a tech starthup such as Cabot might not be able to match them. But that should not be a reason for a Cabotian to be left behind. And so, CLAP was born ! Cabot Leadership Acceleration Program (CLAP) is a recent initiative launched at Cabot to provide the much needed Mentoring & Coaching in terms of leadership - both technical and managerial . The program is designed as a partnership between HR and Delivery teams with external resource of a qualified Leadership Coach. To keep things simple, our team members decide what they want to learn and we offer programs that match their needs. The simple white board acts as the dashboard for the program and it reminds us day in and day out of the significance of continuous learning ! inhouse-team So when I stand in the corner of the next meeting and listen to the achievements of our young team members, I can take pride in the fact that Cabot and CLAP had a role to perform in their transformation. We have planted the seeds and nurtured the saplings to good plants. As they become trees and start bearing fruits, it is for everyone to enjoy. And as for these youngsters flying away in search of greater glory and new horizons, I am sure we have groomed some of them to be boomerangs !  



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