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Free Template: 30 Questions to Ask Your Mobile App Development Company The decision to create a mobile app for your business is a monumental one, not to mention the scope of the entire project. It's best to seek the help of a professional mobile app development company in order to get the best return for your investment. If you are planning to outsource the development process of your mobile app to a third party, you will have to make sure they are the right fit for your project. In this article, we list out major questions you need to ask your mobile app development company to ensure that they can deliver the perfect app to meet your specific requirements. Business To start out, you need to find out more about the company and specifically the team that will be working on your app. Get clarity on how much they charge, and more details on their past projects.

    How big is your team? Describe the team structure. How long have you been in this area of business? Where is your business legally incorporated? Describe the business analysis capabilities of your team? Please provide a portfolio or case studies of solutions you have delivered. How do you charge for a project? What are your rates? Please provide two customer references whom we can talk to. What is your pricing structure. Describe your payment terms.
Technical Ask leading questions pertaining to the technology behind the app creation process. This will give you an idea of the quality of the tools and devices they use, and whether they are enough to meet your app development needs.
    What platforms do you need to implement? iOS, Android , Windows, Blackberry, etc. Do you provide app prototyping with wireframes? Will you also do UI/UX design as part of the app development process? Describe your software engineering process. What tools do you use for development? Describe the languages and technologies you would use for front end, back end, and databases. Can you work with external APIs? What devices do you use for testing? What version control software do you use? Describe your expertise in cloud infrastructure. How do you ensure security of the product?
Project Management Project management plays a big part in the development of your mobile app. You need to ensure that the company's standard development and delivery process is smooth and hassle-free.
    Describe your Project Management Methodology? Describe your Delivery Process? Describe your Quality and Testing process. Who would be our point of contact? Would we have access to the team? What project management and communication tools do you use? How often do you conduct project update and demo meetings?
Support Find out what kind of support the company will provide after the app is delivered. Should any issues crop up, you do not want to be left in the lurch.
    Describe your warranty on your services. How do you make sure the apps are approved on the app store? Do you provide any support for marketing of the app after it is live? Describe your SLA.
Legal Take care to tie up any lose ends that might involve your app in a legal quagmire. Make sure to double check for hidden clauses and fine print on contracts.
    How do you protect the IP rights of the products you develop for clients? Who owns the IP rights? Are you willing to sign an NDA? What is your policy on copyright? Will your solution use any proprietary products, libraries or APIs? If so please describe them.
We hope these questions give you more clarity on the company to which you are outsourcing your mobile app development. The preliminary effort you put in now will ensure your app is perfectly developed for its intended use.

Get a free template with these questions by clicking the image below!

Download Free Template: 30 Questions to Ask Your Mobile App Development Company



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