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Submitting Your IOS App to the Apple Store : Step-by-Step Guide One of the most important phases of app development is submitting your app to the app store. This article will guide you to do just that without much difficulty. In this blog post, you will find detailed step by step instructions with corresponding screenshots. Please note, Apple may make changes to the UI and distribution steps at any time! Few Steps to Take Before Starting the Submission Process Step 1: App store information needed to be filled. (This will include the app description, client information, etc. Please see the attached screenshots for a better idea.) App name Description Keywords Support URL Marketing URL Privacy Policy URL App Icon Categories Rating Copyright Trade Representative Contact Information Demo Account App Store Info - Screen 1 App Store Info - Screen 2 App Store Info - Screen 3 App Store Info - Screen 4 App Store Info - Screen 5 App Store Info - Screen 6 Step 2: Have a valid Apple developer account Step 3: Use a computer that runs Mac OS X Step 4: Availablity of tools like Xcode and Keychain Step 5: Create a checklist to make sure you follow Apple guidelines correctly for the app you have developed. These links will help you with this.

Step 6: Certificate and profile creation Step 7: Xcode building and submission Steps to be Done from Developer Account for App Submission Create bundle identifier Create certificate signing request Create an app store production certificate Create a production provisioning profile Create app store listing Make the release build and submit for review Let's look at the processes involved in each of these steps. Step 1: Create bundle identifier 1. Login in to the Apple developer account and navigate to App ID 2. Click on “+” at the top right of the screen 3. Name the App ID same as the App Name App ID 4. Select Explicit App ID 5. Enter the Bundle ID, Make sure the Bundle ID follows the standard naming convention: com.yourcompanyname.yourappname Bundle ID 6. Select the App Services that the app requires, click Continue App Services 7. Verify the selected services, then Click Submit Verify Services Step 2: Create certificate signing request 1. Open Keychain Access 2. Click Keychain Access on top left 3. Choose Certificate Assistant and select “Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority” Request Certificate 4. Enter Email Address and App Name 5. Select Request as “Saved to disk” and click Continue Saved to Disk 6. Enter the Certificate Name, Select Save location and Click Save Save Location 7. Click “Done” to Confirm “Save” Action Certificate Request 8. Export the certificate and save it in your computer. Export Certificate - Screen 1 Export Certificate - Screen 2 Export Certificate - Screen 3 Export Certificate - Screen 4 Step 3: Create an App store Production Certificate 1. Login in to apple developer account and navigate to Certificates 2. Click on “+” at the top right of the screen Add Certificate 3. Select “App Store and Ad Hoc” under Production App Store and Ad Hoc 4. Click Continue Certificate Continue About CSR 5. Upload the Certificate Signing Request created earlier Upload CSR 6. Select the Certificate file and Click open Select Certificate 7. Click Generate Click Generate 8. Download the Certificate Download Certificate 9. Install the downloaded Certificate by double clicking it. Install Certificate - Screen 1 Install Certificate - Screen 2 Step 4: Create a production provisioning profile 1. Login in to the Apple developer account and navigate to Provisioning Profiles 2. Click on “+” at the top right of the screen Provisioning Profile 3. Select “App Store” under Distribution, Click Continue Select App Store 4. Select the Bundle ID created earlier, Click Continue Select Bundle ID Select App ID 5. Select the Certificate created earlier, Click Continue Select Created Certificate 6. Enter the Profile Name, which should follow the standard naming convention: App Name App Store Distribution, Click Generate Name Profile 7. Download the Certificate Download Profile 8. Install the downloaded Certificate by double clicking it. Install Certificate Step 5: Create App Store Listing 1. Login to your iTunes Account iTunes Login 2. Select “My Apps” My Apps 3. Click on “+” at the top left of the screen New App 4. Enter the app details and click “Create” Enter App Details The app will be listed in your iTunes account. Listed App Step 6: Make the release build and submit for review 1. Open Xcode and select the project. 2. Update the version and build numbers. 3. Select Team. Select Team 4. In the code signing section, select the Provisioning profile and Certificate created earlier. Select Provisioning Profile 5. Select iOS device as the build destination. Select iOS Device 6. Select Product > Archive Select Product Archive 7. Select your development Team Select Development Team ipa file will be created. 8. Click Submit to App Store Submit to App Store Uploading will start now. Uploading Submission Successful Your app has been successfully uploaded to the app store! Interested in getting an iOS app developed for your organization? At Cabot, we take care of all that's involved in developing an iOS app and getting it published in the Apple Store. Allow us to assist you! Contact Us Today! Free Whitepaper: Use of BLE in Healthcare Applications




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