cabot-technology-solutions-gives-insight-into-Angularjs-and-sencha-with-clutch There are many ways to develop mobile applications. The app development ratings firm Clutch asked us to give our opinions on some app software tools we use in our development process. Our team was interviewed on two different app development software , Sencha and AngularJS. The two different software are both cross-platform tools. Our team heavily leans towards developing in native environments but there are many times that developing using a cross-platform tool may be a better fit for a client’s needs, whether it is budget or time frame, cross-platform app software can be the right solution. Below are summaries of what we think of each tool: AngularJS Review: AngularJS Review Sencha Review: Sencha Review We’re happy that Clutch reached out to us for our experts’ opinions. You can also find Cabot Technology Solutions on Clutch as one the leading Web Developers. Be sure to read all of the Cabot Technology Solutions reviews, learn more about Clutch and their research on app builders.



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