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What can health care apps do?

Be it an application that aids the treatment of specific ailments or the ones that track the patient’s overall physical fitness, digital therapeutics have today grown enormously to reach a wide range of audience. Doctors, Medical practitioners, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and patients benefit from these in million dollar ways.

The advantages of healthcare applications are remarkably innumerable. From enhancing the patient experience, improving the doctor-patient communication, maintaining patient record sheets to virtual doctor consultation and many more other benefits, these apps can bring about radical changes.









What we offer

> Legacy Modernization [re-engineering and migration]
> Enterprise Reporting and Dashboards
> Data Analytics
> Knowledge Base Systems
> Healthcare Management Solutions
> Electronic Health Record [EHR] Systems
> Mobile-enable Healthcare Solutions



Enabling remote connectivity

Our solutions are designed to help patients stay connected always. Virtual consultation allows the doctor-patient interaction at an ease, facilitates speedy diagnosis and generates e-prescription. With real time access to patient health records, the doctor can instantly compare data even while being mobile.


Empowering medical professionals

The connectivity is further extended allowing medical professionals to stay within a single loop. Doctors enjoy the provisions of peer consultation and collaboration, thus permitting resource sharing and access to patient e-records. Applications such as calendar sync allow them to plan patient visits and surgeries in a better manner.




The Possibilities are Endless

Wearable technology is reformulating the way our lives are and the story is no different in the heath sector either. With wrist bands and other wearbles that can monitor and transmit important biological information, the possibilities of digital therapeutics are endless. Some of the major technological milestones in the medical sector include:

M7 chip – advanced motion tracking
Heart rate monitoring built into few Samsung devices
HD photo and video
GPS functionality

NFC tagging
Note taking, presentations and voice recorders
Advanced security



Developing in a Multi-Screen Universe

We know apps of this genre are extremely critical – which is why we adheres to a “run everywhere” app model. This facilitates better one on one doctor-patient and doctor-doctor interaction, real time connectivity to patient medical history and identification of patient location at an ease.While building apps that can perform on all major platforms and devices, we ensure that we deliver results that are reliable.



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