Chapter One (of the Internet) was about e-commerce and e-business.

Chapter Two moves us to “Do it for me!” - Lou Gerstner, former CEO and Chairman of IBM

What’s all the Hype About?

While E-Commerce may have started as a simple distribution channel for traders to move inventory, today it has transformed retail shopping into a whole new experience that have brick-and-mortar stores clamoring to establish a web presence of their own.

Evolving internet technologies, consumer trends, web standards and online security features all have leveled the playing field for companies small and big alike. And with the explosion of social media on the World Wide Web, opportunities abound to monetize social interaction by integrating consumer-generated content and social networking capabilities with an online commerce site.

Mobile devices too are playing a driving force in e-commerce transactions. People are always on the move and facing increasing demands on their time and with Mobile Commerce / M Commerce, they are able to browse and buy anytime, anywhere. As ownership of mobile devices is set to outpace personal computers, it is becoming more important for e businesses to create mobile accessible sites as well.

What we do:

Today’s  consumers have high expectations from their online interactions and E-tailers have one chance to make a lasting impression and ensure loyalty. At Cabot Technology Solutions we tailor a robust, secure and scalable social e-commerce / m-commerce site while inculcating the newest and most popular technologies to give users a deep-rooted experience.

What we offer:

Design and Development Secure Payment Gateway Integration Third party application integration using Web Services Social Media Integration Social Commerce Application Mobile Commerce Application Deployment B2B AND B2C .