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As the founder of Cabot Solutions, Shibu drives Cabot’s vision, strategy, value and growth. As a technopreneur, Shibu has a keen interest in Internet technologies and driving Internet based businesses.

Django vs. Rails: Which Framework to Choose? – Infographic

It is important to get familiar with a framework before deciding to streamline web applications. Choosing the right framework can sometimes be a challenging scenario, but then, it all depends on your project requirements and what you stand to gain [...]

By |Tuesday, June 20, 2017|App Development, Development|0 Comments

D3.js: the Best Dynamic Platform to Create Mind-Blowing Data Visualizations

Data visualization is a term used to describe the data that comes in a pictorial or graphical format and aids the decision makers to identify a pattern on the amount of information that comes in. The analytics would be presented [...]

By |Thursday, May 11, 2017|Development, Technology|0 Comments

Atlassian Product Suite: Collaboration Tools for Enterprise Product Development Teams

The path from conception to deployment is not easy at all. Project managers, initially, had a scarcity of resources when it came to having their own toolkit for testing their product. They used to depend on PowerPoint decks, spreadsheets and [...]

By |Tuesday, April 11, 2017|App Development, Development, Resources|0 Comments

Cabot at the Mobile World Congress 2017

It’s that time of the year when the world’s leading tech giants and smartphone makers converge together to discuss, debate and unveil the latest innovations in mobile technology. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) will kick-start another new edition in the [...]

By |Wednesday, February 22, 2017|Events, Technology trends|0 Comments

A Step by Step Guide to Building an App using MVC 6 and AngularJS 2 with .NET Core

Developed by Microsoft, .NET framework is a programming infrastructure used for building, deploying and running applications that use .NET technologies.  It can provide the required compile time and runtime foundation for building and running languages that conforms to Common Language. [...]

By |Monday, February 6, 2017|.NET Development, App Development|0 Comments

Connected Medical Devices – How They can Radically Improve Medical Care

Tech experts opine that connected devices have started touching every aspect of our lives, and the impact IoT has made on the medical industry has been indeed monumental. It is true that cars which can detect wear and tear, and [...]

By |Wednesday, August 24, 2016|Iot, Technology trends|0 Comments

7 Ways in which Biometrics on Smartphones is Transforming Our Lives

Biometrics on smartphones has started creating a wave of revolution in the mobile devices genre. In the past, remembering passwords was easier because you didn’t have too many devices or accounts. And few people were connected to even fewer devices. [...]

By |Wednesday, August 10, 2016|Technology trends|0 Comments

5 Benefits of Creating User Personas before Developing an App

While you must be aware of the fact that surveys and research are very crucial elements in creating apps, have you ever examined the true relevance of creating user personas before developing apps? Creating user personas is really very important [...]

By |Wednesday, July 27, 2016|Mobile App Development|0 Comments

IoT and Big Data: Two Sides of the Same Coin

With the increasing hype about Big Data and IoT, the biggest doubt in everyone’s mind centers around one main question - are IoT and Big Data two sides of the same coin? This article goes on to explain the connection [...]

By |Wednesday, July 13, 2016|Iot|0 Comments

7 Ways to Increase User Engagement Within Your Mobile App

These days creating an app is almost like child's play. The challenge lies in is building and maintaining a loyal and engaged user base. For that, your app needs to be highly innovative, competitive and yet unique. After all, mere [...]

By |Wednesday, June 29, 2016|Mobile App Development|0 Comments
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