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How Conversational Technology will Set a New Revolution in E-Commerce

As a young child, you may have probably dreamt of having a toy that responded to your commands. Little girls wanted dolls that chatted with them, boys wanted toys that thought intelligently and as kids grew up, the dream grew [...]

By |Friday, May 26, 2017|App Development, Technology, Technology trends|0 Comments

50+ Excellent Tools and Resources for Entrepreneurs to Ensure Product Success

Being an entrepreneur is an altogether different ballgame. You need to be prepared for it with the right tools and resources because running a business means you need to be perfect on every front, right from getting an investor to [...]

By |Thursday, April 27, 2017|App Development, General, Mobile App Development, Resources|0 Comments

Ansible and Docker: the Perfect Duo for the Best Software Product Management

Docker, the famous Linux-based container development and deployment file format works incredibly well with Ansible. Ansible is an automation tool that aims to remove the work drudgery involved in several IT needs involving tasks like configuration management, application deployment and [...]

By |Thursday, March 23, 2017|DevOps, Technology|0 Comments

CSS Preprocessors – Powerful Tools for Smarter Styling of Web Pages and User Interfaces

CSS preprocessors add functionality to CSS files, with the aim of saving developer time and effort. If you have written in any CSS preprocessing language, then you can convert it into another type of data. Preprocessors can enhance the functionality [...]

By |Wednesday, February 15, 2017|App Development, Website|1 Comment

A Detailed Study of Flux: the React.js Application Architecture

Flux is a new kind of architecture that Facebook uses when it works with React. It comes to the question of what React is. React - a popular front end technology like AngularJS - is a Javascript framework, but it [...]

By |Tuesday, January 17, 2017|App Development, Technology|0 Comments

Docker – the Best Containerization Platform for an Efficient Software Development

Docker - Build, Ship, Run - is the the ultimate solution for developers who need to get all their apps running seamlessly on the same old servers! Smooth transitioning of your software application through several development cycles can be a [...]

By |Saturday, December 31, 2016|App Development, Technology|1 Comment

Continuous Integration Testing Using Selenium

In a software development project, it is a natural process for several developers and testers to work on different modules. Each developer or tester will be assigned a different module, so it is extremely important to test and build the [...]

By |Wednesday, December 28, 2016|App Development, Software Testing|0 Comments

Automated Smoke Testing: PhantomJS vs. Selenium

Smoke testing is a superficial level of testing conducted by developers to make sure that all the functions of an application work. They do not go into the finer details of the app, focusing rather on the major functionalities. The [...]

By |Wednesday, November 23, 2016|App Development, Software Testing|0 Comments

A Detailed Overview of Web Crawlers

Ever wondered how a search engine comes up with the exact results when you type something in its query box? After all, there are trillions of results matching your search query. A fascinating process is at work behind it, something [...]

By |Friday, November 11, 2016|Technology, Website|1 Comment

AngularJS vs ReactJS : Which is the Best? – Infographic

AngularJS and ReactJS are two popular front end technologies. Both have a unique identity and hold much significance in the field of app development. Hence, it’s great if we compare the most prominent features of both the technologies. Released in [...]

By |Wednesday, October 26, 2016|App Development, Technology|0 Comments
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