Connected Medical Devices – How They can Radically Improve Medical Care

Tech experts opine that connected devices have started touching every aspect of our lives, and the impact IoT has made on the medical industry has been indeed monumental. It is true that cars which can detect wear and tear, and [...]

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IoT and Big Data: Two Sides of the Same Coin

With the increasing hype about Big Data and IoT, the biggest doubt in everyone’s mind centers around one main question - are IoT and Big Data two sides of the same coin? This article goes on to explain the connection [...]

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5 Most Important Wearable Technology Trends for 2016

The era of wearable technology is here! Even though the year 2014 was hailed to be the “Year of Wearables”, the trend continued to grow strong in 2015, and it is going to be in greater focus this year too. There has been [...]

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The Future of IoT in the Automobile Industry

The Internet of Things has led to a wave of connectivity that left no industry in the world untouched. We have already seen that IoT is making a substantial impact on healthcare, agriculture, retail and it has already started influencing [...]

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5 Ways IoT is Revolutionizing the Retail Sector

The Internet of Things has made a significant impact on the retail industry and can be rightly touted as the major force behind the third Industrial Revolution. With the evolution of Internet, we have been observing the indelible mark it has [...]

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6 Applications of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

The Internet Of Things (IoT) has been making serious impact on every industry, and wherever this "technology" swept by, you can feel the Midas touch. After the "discovery" of Internet, IoT has been creating waves that not a single business [...]

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IoT and Agriculture: The Smarter Way to Grow Food

The Internet Of Things (IoT) has revolutionalized all the major business sectors and industries of the world. The impact it has made on farming and agriculture cannot be defined by mere words. The advent of IoT into agriculture has been [...]

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Few Ways IoT is Transforming the Financial Services Sector

The advancements made in the field of technology and Internet have paved the way for Internet of Things or IoT, as it is fondly known. When IoT devices communicate and network with one another, they can share information in real [...]

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Emerging Trends In IoT

Internet of Things, where everything gets connected, has become a reality! This ubiquitous penetration of technology has made lives easier, businesses smoother, and people have been able to communicate better and faster. People are realizing that they are standing in the midst of a paradigm [...]

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3 Industries Internet of Things will Revolutionize

The nascent Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to be the next Industrial Revolution. IoT is going to extend its powerful influence in almost all the major industries in the world - agriculture, transportation and manufacturing industry to name a few. With the [...]

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