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Platform for travel agents to market their familiarization trips in real time

My Fam Trip

Familiarisation Trips are for travel agents hosted by tourism bureaus, hotel chains, cruise lines,etc to get firsthand experience of conducting a trip. Ultimate aim of fam trips is to allow travel agents to get acquainted with destination, cruise line, tour, excursion, resort, or hotel chain etc.


The way each travel agent experience their fam trips differ. There exist many unsystematic ways, some may take pictures, others are heavy note takers or take voice recordings, others do a combination of both while yet others do nothing at all. The tight schedule of fam trips left no time for agents to market / promote their fam experience by sharing pictures taken in social media.The tool should be beneficial for agents to make the most of their time, effort and investment of a Fam to have a tool in which they can capitalize from in real time


My fav travel agent suggested developing a mobile application, that would come as a solution to the problems faced by travel agents. The minimal viable project would enable clients to effectively and proficiently "record" their Fam experiences for hotels/resorts, travels or visits. The mobile app should also address the need for marketing the fam experiences on the go.


My Fam Trip enables clients to effectively and productively "record" their Fam experiences for hotels/resorts, travels or visits with quick taps of speciality radio buttons and checkboxes and message fields where required. There are likewise photograph/video prompt reminders feature in the client's camera to take pictures of explicit, significant areas during a Fam.

With ‘Export’ button, each Fam document/recordings may be sent to the client for simple storage and collection on their computer and With the tap of the "Market" button, the client can choose platforms like Facebook,Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc that will tie-in, open their records and take into account chosen pictures or potentially video to be posted.