Cabot has an independent testing team to ensure quality of the deliverables. Our test engineers get involved in the project from initiation phase onwards. Testing strategy for each project depends on factors such as types of testing, build frequency, need for internationalization, performance and load testing requirements, device testing etc. A combination of manual and automation testing is performed based on project needs. Automation of Regression Test Cases ensure maximum ROI to the customers.

Test cases mapped to use cases or user stories using Requirements Traceability Matrix ensures effective test coverage. Our defect prediction model based on historic data provides an indication of hidden defects in the system and encourage test engineers to do exploratory testing. Usage of statistical tools to analyze the defect metrics ensures continual improvements to our test engineering processes.

Tools used:

  • Functional testing for Web – Selenium
  • Performance Testing – Jmeter
  • Security testing – NetSparker
  • Defect tracking tools – Bugzilla
  • Test Management tools – TestLink
  • Browser compatibility testing –, Browsera
  • Mobile web – MITE
  • iPhone apps– Fone Monkey
  • Android apps – Robotium, Native driver
  • Mobile app compatibility testing –,