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9 Top Cloud Computing Trends for 2016

The maturing cloud computing technology has always been touted as one of the core principles of the digital era, and its relationship with data analytics has been rapidly growing. Now that we are more than halfway into 2016, it would only be fair to check for the most valuable cloud computing trends that will continue to be prominent.
Before going deeper into this topic, it would only be fair to mention that infrastructure-as-a-service is the overarching theme presently, where cloud service providers are endeavoring to establish themselves as a mission critical platform to store all the important data.
In order to understand this a little more clearly, you can think of data assets as oil resources; where the attraction never ceases. It means that if you have a tremendous amount of data to store, then you will have an inevitable need for a cloud computing data storage service provider.
Now, with this point in mind, let’s move on to the major cloud computing trends.

1. More and More Bigger Companies are Joining the Foray

When CIO’s of big companies looked into the future, they perceived the menacing stare of unsustainable overhead costs. This is probably what triggered the move from traditional data storage solutions to cloud technology.Earlier, it was the small startups that did not have the infrastructure to store their data on their own and they relied on cloud computing technology. But now, companies from every conceivable sector are moving their entire infrastructure into the cloud, primarily to contain costs.

Point to Note: The lure of cost savings prompts larger companies to transition into cloud computing.

2. Moving Data into Cloud will Become as Easy and Common as Copy/Paste Function

The most prominent happening in the cloud computing niche in 2016 would be pushing all the data from web platforms into cloud. If it was self-service data integration that was the main focus in 2015, then the transfer to cloud data ecosystem is the happening trend in 2016.

Point to Note: The transfer from web platforms to cloud computing will happen in a big way.

3. One Foot in the Cloud, and the Other in…

Hybrid cloud solutions are going to become greatly popular in 2016. It had made an entry in 2014, became popular in 2015, and is going to get a serious promotion and a raise in 2016. The security provided by private data storage solutions and the cost benefits associated with public cloud computing are too irresistible, prompting more and more people to go hybrid.
If about 8%of the organization depended on hybrid cloud solutions in 2014, it is going to be 82% in 2016. The reason why hybrid is so popular is because of the scalability feature that it provides in a big way. Storage of sensitive data, affordable and reasonable pricing are other attractions of hybrid cloud.

Point to Note: The security of private and cost benefits of public are combined together to form an irresistible combination, leading to the emergence of hybrid solutions.

4. Organizations that were Not Able to Gain Entry, will Finally Get it

Several roadblocks that stood in the way of companies who would have liked to deploy their apps in the cloud have been mitigated. They can now take advantage of cloud services without worrying anymore about regulatory and compliance issues.

Point to Note: Everyone gets the gate pass to deploy their apps; no more worrisome restrictions to enter the cloud.

5. Companies can Tailor their Cloud Services

There is going to be a huge shift in emphasis this year. Cloud is going to move from being developer friendly to developer driven. Companies can now tailor their cloud services to suit their requirements.This would lead to a growth of PaaS, meaning interest in Platform As A Service, because all the problems that had plagued the traditional systems will soon be debilitated.

Point to Note: Customized cloud service leading to PaaS.

6. Cloudops will Continue to Rise; so the Focus this Year would be on Security

The main job of cloudops would be to focus on security, management and monitoring of data systems. This will continue to be a major focus in 2016, because through predictive analysis, it is possible to anticipate when a problem might arise; it follows the patterns to identify the likelihood of a break in the security systems.

Point to Note: Cloudops for security will be a major focus.

7. There is a Rise in Cloud Cost, but a Slight Lag in Optimization Efforts

Several cloud users are of the opinion that there has been a steady and significant increase in cloud cost every year. But very few companies are taking serious actions to optimize this.
A few things they can try doing are: shutting down unused workloads, monitoring usage/utilization and continuous tracking to ensure cloud services are fully utilized.

Point to Note: The number of companies optimizing cloud saving tactics might increase.

8. Amazon Web Services (AWS) will Continue to Lead

Amazon Web Services is still going to be the leader in public cloud adoption. But you can see an increase of usage in Azure (IaaS and PaaS). Both IaaS and PaaS have, therefore, considerably closed the margin with AWS.

Point to Note: AWS, Azure will continue to top the charts.

9. Container Technologies are Going to Get Better Prominence in 2016

The perfect way to manage the utilization of resources is through container technologies. Cloud platforms like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have already adopted container technologies to streamline and standardize the process of deploying codes.

Point to Note: Container technologies will lead the way this year too.

Wrapping Up

The previous years were really good for all the major cloud service providers, and the year 2016 is going to make it even better. So which cloud services are you using, or planning to use this year? Several people use more than one cloud, so which one is your favorite?

Interested in incorporating cloud solutions for your business? We’ll be happy to assist you.

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