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Hire Dedicated Developers

Cabot’s tech teams with accumulated technology expertise helps your product to go to market faster!

dedicated engineering team
Dedicated IT Team
Each team of remote developers is established based on a thorough study of the customer’s requirements. We assign our developers one project at a time.
Hire Experts Solution
13 years track record building products for businesses.Hire developers with right seniority and tech stacks with best cultural fit for your project.
Hire Dedicated Developers
Cabot’s tech teams with accumulated technology expertise helps your product to go to market faster!

Dedicated Team

Full Service Development Teams

We offer a complete setup where you get access to the best tech and management talent (developers, UI/UX experts,project managers).

Perfect for Dynamic Companies

A perfect solution if your business is developing new products or startups without wanting to de focus the core team.

Cost Effective

We take care of the costs associated with the hiring process while you can focus on what's important- your business!

Extended Teams

Dual Benefit

Combining the benefits of your in-house experts and our remote delivery staff with niche skill sets.

Existing Team Extension

A perfect solution when your current project initiatives demand a few additional dedicated specialized resources.

Get Domain-specific Expertise

Our expert team members will consistently and cost-effectively fill the gaps in your project needs with an experience in latest / niche or domain specific expertise.

Interested in setting up a dedicated or extended development team with us?

Our Values

Not Just Outsourcing

We assure our clients multi-disciplinary experienced developers at competitive costs.

Fast Kick-off

It takes us only 1-2 weeks to provide you with your team that can be scaled up at any time.

Complete Transparency

By using various communication and project management tools we assure constant communication with timely reports.

Consistency and Improved Work flow

Continuous growth of the client’s idea behind the project and with that, there is growth at work.

Self-managed Team Culture

Every member of our team takes full ownership over their work with minimum follow up.

IPR Protection

All intellectual property of the work done by our team will remain with our clients.

Our Process


Requirement Analysis

Let us know about your project needs and goals—the more details the better.
A series of meetings with your team helps us understand your business goals, project, tech stack, and all the other nuances that define your technical requirements.


Tech Roadmap Preparation

Depending on your goals, we prepare a tech road map with a hiring plan that includes details on what skill set and experience your team needs to have.


Efficient Hiring Process

We shortlist your team with a focus on language-specific knowledge with a prerequisite to general programming, algorithm knowledge and good communication skills .

You get to approve the members of the dedicated team and define their work volumes and Tasks.


Get Up and Running

Client is provided with its own dedicated software development team and is fully in charge of the team’s workload and daily progress. The teams grasps the company culture.

We can downsize the team in just 24 hours or scale it in a few days if the client needs it.


Continuous Assessments

At Cabot, the whole team is managed by the client. Proper team evaluation is done internally and externally to help the development process.


Successful Delivery

Timely delivery of Agile software development solutions ensuring safety and confidentiality of the project.

Hire Dedicated Teams For Your Project!

Technology & Tools

Atanas Ivanov


Dave Chelus


Chris Bella

CEO & Co- Founder

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