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As a leading software development and consulting company, Cabot helps our global clients to transform their ideas into efficient and innovative fintech software solutions. Cabot is know for building premium class financial applications. We offer software consulting, development services and dedicated teams consisting of highly experienced fintech software developers to support your custom fintech software development needs.

FinTech Software Development Expertise



Our dedicated team of Blockchain experts undertake cryptocurrency development services related to crypto coin development, mining, ICO, wallets and exchange platforms - on popular cryptocurrency platforms

digital payments

Digital Payments

Our team has been delivering innovative payment solutions including mobile payments, B2B transaction platforms, and digital wallets that ensure high-level data security, cybersecurity, encryption, and data privacy.


Our Fintech developers have competent knowledge of the banking industry and create solutions using the latest technology such as chatbots, voice & face biometrics, and AI/ ML that work for both retail and corporate banks across the globe.


Leveraging the power of predictive analytics and machine learning, our developers build reliable investment management solutions boosting operational agility and optimizing your investment performance based on the market data.

Wealth management solution

Being a trusted finance software development company, we build digital wealth management solutions to empower our clients to keep track of their wealth and enhance advisor productivity, client centricity and digital experiences.



Our wide experience in Finance Software Development helps our Insurance clients to design platforms/ applications using IoT, AI/ML, and big data technologies to fully automate and digitize their business thus enabling customers to handle insurance in a more comprehensible and user-friendly manner than before.

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Best Suited for Long Term Projects with dynamic and evolving set of requirements and untested business models.

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This approach uses the Agile formula where one of these aspects—time, scope, and budget—is a variable.

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Best Suited for companies who want the flexibility to modify the scope or vary the workloads.

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