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Cabot, a premium UI/UX design and development company in the USA, specializing in providing optimal, inventive, and efficient design solutions that align with our client’s visions and objectives. Cabot’s designers and front-end software engineers create a cohesive experience with an appealing UI that offers uninterrupted transitions, seamless navigation, and smooth compatibility across devices. We develop award-winning user experience interfaces for your applications that convert. With expertise in designing for the web and mobile apps, providing a unique ability to understand and connect with end-users in creating digital assets. Stay ahead of the competition by hiring our UI UX design team.

Technology & Tools

Front end Development Services

Front End Architecture & Design

We use agile development practices to create an efficient and sustainable workflow, with the goal of improving quality in frontend code.

UI/ UX Development

We provide all-in-one UI UX solutions from discovery phase to design for designing websites, mobile apps. We can create visually stimulating experiences that will make your end users happy!

Enterprise Web Application Development

With over 15 years in web development and 30+ web experts on board, Cabot has created numerous efficient and successful websites in the healthcare, hospitality, banking, finance, and HR-tech domain.

Mobile Application Development

Our mobile development team has deployed mobility projects of different scales and complexities. We can help you from a minimum viable product all the way to integrating third-party apps, with user requirements in mind!

PWA Development

Cabot is a leading progressive web app development company that builds highly secured, reliable and fast applications for all devices. We take pride in providing solutions tailored just for you!

Maintenance and Support

At times, app maintenance can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Our developers will provide you with the end-to-end support that is needed for the uninterrupted performance of your apps round the clock!.

Full Stack Web Development

We offer unparalleled website/web app development solutions to our clients through a combination of expertise in Full-Stack web design and up-to-date methodologies. Our team has years of experience building features rich websites for varied business types!

Interactive Prototypes

With our interactive prototypes, we can help you test out the waters of your business idea and see what users like.

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Benefits of Choosing Cabot as Your Front-end Development Company

We Think Long Term

Our products are designed to endure and so is the relationship with our clients.

Top Quality Development

We never skimp on quality, ever. Stakeholders are involved throughout all stages of product development for transparency and conformity.

Great People

Our dedicated team of developers are experienced, well-trained, and driven. They consistently put their best foot forward.

Smart Technology

We remain up to date with the latest coding practices and technologies in the industry and strive to implement them in our products.

Timely Deliveries

We adhere strictly to timelines and ensure that each iteration of the app rolls out exactly when it was promised.

Fast and Secure

Transform your ideas into solutions, faster services, end-to-end management experiences, and app delivery with the agile development methodology.

Hire a Dedicated Team of UX & UI Developers!

UI/UX Design Process



Allows the designer to understand their users' requirements and any needs they may have before designing anything for them, ensuring that all aspects are considered from both perspectives throughout every stage in this type of work environment.



Gathering data from your users and getting their feedback on what they like or dislike about a particular product before designing it further into something that will be more appealing for those consumers' needs!



Organizes and categorizes content in a way that makes it easy for users to find what they're looking for, while also being aesthetically pleasing as well!



Create an experience in accordance with what users want from their technology products; this helps companies get feedback about whether these are meeting those needs so they can make adjustments before launching them fully-fledged onto the unsuspecting public!



The process helps teams identify what users like about your product or service, so they can focus their efforts on building those features instead of trying new things without knowing if people will actually use them!



Ensures that your website will be easy enough for customers to navigate and find what they're looking for, without frustrating them with confusing design elements or errors in content management!

Our Industry Experience

Cabot being one of the top Software Development companies in the USA and Canada has 14+ years experience in different industry verticals catering to all kinds of startups and small businesses.






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Travel and Tourism

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