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As a leading .NET Development company, Cabot offers a full cycle .NET Development service to meet your changing business needs regardless of size. We use our years of experience in .NET development to provide highly efficient, process-oriented, and innovative applications and software products that help your company keep up with the highly competitive market. We specialize in building custom web, mobile, and enterprise app development to meet all your business needs. From e-commerce to healthcare, we provide affordable and custom .NET development services for a variety of business areas.

.NET is a programming language with influential tools for web, mobile, and desktop development. It is backed by Microsoft's strong network and allows applications to be built for any device and platform.

In Custom .NET Development, the .NET developers will help you take your business to the next level by using .NET to transform your business needs into highly reliable, scalable, and flexible solutions. Cabot solution analyzes your requirements and provides you with custom .NET solutions concerning the business challenges.

Cabot provides the following .NET software development services:

Custom .NET application development, .NET web development, .NET desktop application development, .NET cloud development (AWS, and Azure services included), ASP.NET Development Services.

Advantage of .NET over other frameworks

Service oriented architecture

Being a SOA oriented platform, .NET lets other systems and applications interact freely with it. Services communicate with other applications through a common language and can provide API in different languages.

Enhanced Security

Applications developed using .NET ensure that there is minimal exposure of your server to potentially harmful websites.

Integration with legacy systems

.NET is capable of processing and writing multiple format file systems. This is the ideal technology if you are looking to integrate multiple separate aspects of your current business.

Rich User Experience

Your applications will capture their intended audience with their dynamic and interactive nature.

Easy Deployment

Compared to other frameworks, deployment of .NET code post development is easier. Reduced conflicts and minimal performance problems are observed.

Language Independent Framework

You can develop the application using any of the languages built for the .NET framework, and the options are plenty - C#, C++/CLI, IronPython, IronRuby, PowerBuilder, and much more.

Our Technology Stack


.NET Core, Angular, React, Vue.js, ASP.Net, Xamarin


C, C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Microsoft Jscript

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services

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