Developing and marketing apps is a perpetual task for app development companies. Not only do they have to create perfect apps, but they also have to create their own unique niche or be lost among the sea of other apps released into the market every day.
When you develop an app, you've got to make sure that it reaches the right people at the right time, so you can earn profit from it. Sometimes, it so happens that your app might be really good, but your release was at the wrong time. It is really difficult to analyze what to do and what not do when you are in the app development industry.One mistake and you are out of the game. And that is just not only thing you have to do. Your app should retain people's interest. Consider the following situations:

  • What good would it do if people downloaded your app, but later uninstalled it?
  • They are not ready to convert to the paid version because they are content with the free one.
  • You are not able to reach out in the right way.

In such cases, you have to analyze your app, and determine what could be done. Here are some tools that would help with it:

1. Mixpanel – Most Advanced, for Both Mobile and Desktop

Sometimes, it is important to analyze and track people's actions rather than checking on page views. This is where Mixpanel is useful. Mixpanel is one of the most advanced analyzing tools of contemporary times, and yes, it is more suitable for mobile apps. But people use it for websites as well.
With this tool, you can find out what your customers are doing across multiple platforms. The strong features of this tool are:

  • Engagement - to keep tabs on the actions people take regarding your tool
  • Funnel Analysis - to help you concentrate on where you are losing customers
  • Retention - to check how many people are coming back
  • People - to know more about the demographics of the people who use your tool
  • Notifications - to make it interesting so users will come back
  • Mobile A/B Testing - to help deliver the best experience to your customers through consistent experimental processes.

You can try it for free first and then later go for the paid version, if you like it.

2. Localytics – Complete Overview of User Behavior

Localyitics is one of the best mobile app analytics provider, based at Massachusetts, and established by Raj Aggarwal. With this tool, you can get a complete and all encompassing overview into customer/user behavior.The tool offers real-time analytics, live demo, retroactive funnel analysis and marketing automation like push, in-app messaging and so on. Localytics has emerged to be the ultimate tool for understanding how your users are using your app.

3. AppsFlyer - Real Time Analytics Possible

This app was released in 2011 and acts as the perfect marketing platform that would help you to track your users, their behavior and then concentrate on user acquisition. One of the strong features of the app is the real time analytics. This app uses a special type of algorithm that can track downloads and installations.

4. Kochava – Comes with RealTime Queuing

This is an app that works absolutely well on different platforms like iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7. For this app too, you can get real time analysis of user behavior, user engagement, daily usage and downloads 24/7. The app has integrated itself with over 350 mobile publishers and network partners.
A unique feature about Kochava is its RealTime Queuing promoting enhanced user experience. Because of this feature, there will never be a delay in user experience. A dedicated account manager is another good attribute of the app, Kochava.

5. Distimo – Can Check on Competitive Apps

Distimo, acquired by App Annie, is a free app analytics platform used by device manufacturers, carriers and developers. Apart from gaining insight into the application store market, you can also get a peek into competitive applications as well.
Additionally, you can also get an overview of all the major trends that are happening on a global level. App Annie is currently used by more than 400,000 people.

6. Google Mobile Analytics – Check your Campaigns

Though Google was a late player in the app analytics fields, it is a good medium to check if your campaigns are going according to plan. True, you can use this app if you have a website, but it works and it is free. With its user friendly SDK's you can now measure traffic and usage, and optimize user acquisition and engagement.

7. Countly – an Open Source App

Countly is a fairly recent app tool, but has earned its rightful place in this list. The strongest feature about this app is that it is open source and developers have the freedom to build analytical solution of their choice. The developer does this according to the requirements of his employer.
Simultaneously, it offers commercially licensed Countly Enterprise Edition for those enterprises requiring it. The main product offerings of Countly Cloud include:

  • Enterprise Edition (on-prem or private cloud)
  • Countly Cloud (SaaS)
  • Enterprise Marketing Edition (on-prem or private cloud)
  • Community Edition (open source)

Tracking various parameters related to your app will enable you to refine the app to better cater to the end user's requirements. Install some of these app analytics tools and go further with your app development.Need guidance on how to build an app development business? Utilize our consulting services and get your app business off the ground.

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