Outsourcing remains the most compelling value proposition for businesses, and many of them have started embracing a multi-source model. They outsource some of the work outdoors, but still do a portion of it in-house and leave the rest to a hybrid cloud environment (a mix of third-party vendors, private cloud, and in-house services).

Application development is one of the major areas for outsourcing, and if you have an in-house team already creating apps, you can teach them to collaborate with a remote outsourced team to complete all your IT applications on time.
As the business expands, companies are under the pressure to invest in better infrastructure if they want to keep delivering the best services to their clients. But investing in extra infrastructure could be a waste of company resources, especially if you can make room for your business to expand with the help of third party options.
As businesses are always experiencing cost pressures, outsourcing app development comes as a boon because it saves quite a bit of money. There are several other benefits of outsourcing app development that are outlined below.

Outsourcing Saves Time

In the IT field or in any business that you are working, time is of the essence. If you outsource app development to a third party, you get time-bound delivery. It is not that entrusting it to an in-house team would make it late, but a third-party delivery will always be integrated with the most updated features and technologies.
Additionally, you can always keep track of the project through real-time updates. This is done through the cloud, so you don’t have to travel if your third-party team is located elsewhere.

A Repository of Technical Expertise at your Disposal

When you outsource app development, you get access to a very rich, technically adept team with updated skills and knowledge. You can make use of this rich repository to your best advantage and make apps that would bring you more profit. If an app that you are developing is not something your in-house team is used to, then this would be the best option.

Contracts can be Flexible

When you hire an offshore team for app development, you can draw a contract for a particular project. This makes it quite flexible. Drawing contract terms would make it easy to scale your options throughout the entire life of the contract.
As it is on contract basis, the staffing requirements can be loosened or tightened depending on how you need to scale it. There are different kinds of contracts that you can draw depending on what kind of project you want worked out. If needed, you can renew the contract on a monthly basis.

An App Development Company Provides Complete Support

Once you hire a mobile app company, you can entrust them with everything that is related to the project. And that means, thinking out an idea depending on the seed that you provide, planning and creating the app, testing it for holes, providing security and ongoing support, and finally, analytics.
The best thing about hiring an outsource team is that you can rest assured that the project would be in experienced hands, and the price for the development of the app would be fixed as well.

India is a Popular Destination for App Development

The best thing about hiring Indian talent is that they are ready to work at the time zones their clients are comfortable with. There is a very huge reservoir of Indian youth who are brimming with excellent and innovative ideas that you can use with great success.

Technological Advancement

Companies that accept outsource tasks would always have to keep updating their technologies to fulfill the demands of their customers. Technology is rapidly changing and it is not possible to keep updating them every time something new comes up when you run your own business.
It would just not be worth it because you are not going to earn any ROI if you have to spend on technology and equipment. If you want to gain an edge over your peers by having great mobile apps, you must outsource the task to competent agencies.

With Respect to the Cost...

The cost of developing an app would of course depend on where your remote team lies. Other factors that dictate the cost are:

  • Whether you want an iOS, Android, or both, iOS and Android apps
  • Rating system for app, standalone app, or an app that connects to a webpage
  • The physical attractiveness of the app
  • Creating an app icon


If you are planning to move your company into the global platform, you need to start outsourcing application development. Several IT giants like Infosys, Accenture and Capgemini are all doing it. True, there are some risks in outsourcing, but you can mitigate the risks by involving yourself in the project all the time, and personally, if possible.
Your growth into the global arena is possible only if you have the right partner; a partner who understands your customers like you do, respects your market position and works well within your budget. Many small to medium businesses have already started reducing the load on their company staff in this manner. Why wait? You can start outsourcing your app development project right away!

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