As a company owner, you likely already know the importance of keeping your staff healthy and productive. However, did you know that there are ways to track and measure employee wellness? Corporate wellness tracking software is an increasingly popular tool for doing just that. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what corporate wellness tracking software is and how it can help you keep your business running smoothly. We'll also explore some of the key features to look for in such software. So, read on to learn more!

What is corporate wellness tracking software?

Corporate wellness software helps companies with initiatives to motivate their employees and make them healthy. These solutions are beneficial for businesses because they lower stress, reduce healthcare costs (and even increase productivity), boost morale among teams as well as build stronger relationships within those same units or departments which lead us to our next point; healthier workers mean less burnout due not only in increased job satisfaction but also an improved performance at work – all this translates directly into financial savings too! The use of corporate Wellness Products will improve your business's long term success by helping you keep up-to-date on trends like meditation techniques, mindfulness training, etc., Additionally, corporate wellness software organizes and manages a company's wellness program using web-based computer tools and processes. A company's wellness program used to be in the form of a website with a library of health and wellness material. Companies and their workers are now more engaged in their wellness initiatives as a result of its introduction. Furthermore, corporate wellness software works as a monitor for monitoring their wellness programs and a motivator for creating a healthy work-life balance. As a result, our software focuses on assisting employees and managers in adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors at work and at home. As a result, corporate wellness software tries to encourage positive behavioral changes in employees, resulting in healthier lifestyles and increased workplace effectiveness and productivity.                                                                                                           

Wellness software vs Corporate Software

A wellness software isn't the same thing as a wellness program. It's a piece of computer software that may be used to assist deliver and maintaining wellness programming. Despite all of the capabilities and benefits that computer coding and programming provide, these computer systems are just instruments to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle. When we're not online, we try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness software activities include:

  • Stress management education
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Exercise programs
  • Weight loss competitions
  • Wellness assessments

Although health and wellness software can steer individuals in the correct direction, the act of living a healthy lifestyle is what every wellness software aims to achieve, and this takes place inactive. A successful corporate wellness software should be a healthy living support tool that helps people develop and sustain healthy habits, and it should use the most up-to-date behavior change science to achieve five goals:

  • Train and raise awareness
  • Motivate and create the company’s culture
  • Guide the employees in health-promoting skills and techniques.
  • Develop a healthy culture and social support.
  • Boost your company's performance

These five goals are the cornerstones of a successful behavior-change-based wellness program. This behavior change model explains exactly what characteristics the most effective worksite wellness programs should have. There are plenty of terrific stand-alone applications for workouts, dieting, trekking, and almost anything else. The majority of them focus on one facet of health, such as diet or workout, making them an excellent workplace wellness tool for you and your team. This is a great set of some of the best workplace health applications. All of these can most likely support you in improving your health. On the other hand, wellness tracking software is a proper health improvement initiative. A health risk assessment, benefits, and campaigns, health training, biometric screenings, interaction with wearable devices, communication platforms, social media integration, and much more are all common features.

How does it Work?                                                         

  • Employee benefits are promoted by the HR team, or by individual HR staff, through corporate wellness solutions. Several corporate wellness providers promote workplace wellness solutions that include health check-ups and assessments, as well as rewards and gamification to encourage and boost employee involvement. The following aspects of corporate wellness software are possible:
  • Enhance physical activity, financial stability, and emotional wellbeing - Financial advice, mental health education, healthy food and exercise suggestions, mindfulness assistance, and sleep and stress management solutions are examples of corporate wellness services.
  • Employee engagement and recognition - A number of strategies, such as social media integrations, gamification, and rewards and incentives, are used by corporate wellness programs to encourage and enhance employee engagement.
  • Reporting, analytics, and insights – Corporate wellness programmes frequently gather and analyze employee wellness engagement, performance, and absence data in order to generate reports and real-time ROI.
  • User experience — The corporate wellness platform is designed to be user-friendly so that any employee, regardless of technical ability, can easily promote contests, challenges, events, team cooperation, objectives, and trackers.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Software                              

    There are many software solutions on the market that cater to corporate wellness tracking. These software solutions help businesses with initiatives to motivate their employees and make them healthy. The benefits of using a corporate wellness software solution are vast, but some of the most notable include:

    • Lowering stress levels among employees
    • Reducing healthcare costs for the company
    • Increasing productivity levels
    • Boosting morale among teams
    • Building stronger relationships within departments
    • Reducing burnout rates due to increased job satisfaction
    • Improved performance at work overall.

    Corporate wellness tracking software is a valuable tool for any business looking to invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees. By investing in a corporate wellness solution, companies can see significant financial savings as well as an increase in employee satisfaction and productivity.

    Top Five Recommendations

    Headspace for Work is the top mindfulness-based mental health benefit for your employees. It provides your staff with access to hundreds of meditations and exercises for stress, focus, sleep, and mobility, and it has some of the top adoption rates in the business.

    Key Clients:

    Publicis Groupe, Roche, RBC, Adobe, Western Union, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ericsson.                                                                                                                                                                   

    Virgin Pulse's services and solutions are focused on improving health outcomes, lowering healthcare costs, and assisting you in achieving a competitive advantage and gaining meaningful outcomes by developing a health and wellness culture. Virgin Pulse combines high-tech, high-touch, predictive analytics, AI, and data to support clients and members across the entire health, wellbeing, and benefits lifecycle, from testing and risk evaluation to activation, behavioral changes, and the adoption of sustainable, healthy habits to benefits connectivity, condition management, inadequacies in care closure, and digital therapy.

    Key Clients:

    Vivante, Ovia Health, Peerfit, Sleepio, Vida, Aaptiv, Airbo, Quest, Pivot, Silver Cloud.

    For businesses, MoveSpring is an engaging, quick activity and step challenging platform.

    Sync a wearable device or smartphone to our native iOS, Android, and web apps to track your activity in real-time.

    Key Clients:

    Best Buy, University of Kentucky, Ramey Kemp.


    The majority of employee wellness challenges require participants to adapt to a set platform or technology. Employers have few options for customising and configuring challenges to match their employees' demands. Wellable strongly believes in a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. Others swear by their Garmin devices, while some choose Apple Watches. Wellable gives individuals the flexibility to choose the technologies that are right for them, while also providing businesses with simple tools for creating and administering challenges for their staff. As a result, here's what happened. Employees who are more healthy, happier, and engaged!

    Key Clients:

    HSBC, Kaspersky, Dignity Health, Moderna, Grand Canyon University, Orange Theory Fitness.                                                                                                                                      

    Unmind is a mental health platform for employees. We give employees the tools they need to track, analyze, and improve their mental health.

    We collaborate with physicians, authors, and researchers to create digital tools that support mental health in all areas. From relaxation to calm, contentment to joy. Employees should be able to measure, analyze, and comprehend their own well-being, as well as how it evolves over time. Aggregated and anonymized data, enable leaders to make better decisions.

    Key Clients:

    Uber, Orlando Magic, WeWork, Thales, British Airways, Samsung, Mark & Spencers, Medallia.


    If you are looking for a corporate wellness software solution, we can help. Our team has experience in designing and building custom applications that provide employees with easy access to company benefits and resources aimed at helping them adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. We also offer financial fitness, mental health awareness training, team collaboration, social connectedness, incentives, and rewards features that can be tailored to your specific needs.

    Contact us today to get started on building the perfect corporate wellness software solution for your business.





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